Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day...I did! :)
I got to spend the day with my Mom, which is always awesome.

Last night was one of those dreaded Mommy times.
Being up past midnight because Vivian was sobbing hysterically for an hour.
Her belly hurt...she was itchy...her thumb hurt...she was hungry...her leg hurt and would I rub it?
Basically everything was off with her and she was over-tired and miserable!

This morning though... :)
Cute little presents from the girls that they wrapped and decorated.
And inside the packages...adorable little coffee candles. :)
Do they know me or what?
I let them both pick an item from the store.
Vivian chose hers the moment we walked in, Shiloh took a couple of careful laps around the store looking at everything, before she chose the same thing as Vivi. ;-)
My Mother's day card from Vivian. She drew a bunch of smiley faces.
My card from Shiloh 
She wanted me to copy questions that I had put on her card to her Grama.
Then she filled in the answers by herself and hid the card in her room so she could surprise me this morning.
She was so upset though that she accidentally wrote "hag" instead of "hug" and she couldn't remember what she meant to write instead of "pa" for the first question. ;-)
When I sat down to breakfast, she ran to the couch and grabbed a pillow and put it behind my back.
Ack, the sweetness! :)
My morning also included beautiful roses from my sweet husband!

Then I visited my parents and splashed myself in hummingbird food...quite tasty!
I ate some cupcakes, took a walk, and saw a bald eagle flying overhead close enough to see its white head and tail! So neat!
My Mom has quite a variety of birds around her house, but that's the first time I've seen an eagle there.

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