Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mittens in May

 I finished making mittens for the girls.
They chose the colors themselves. I made a longer cuff than the pattern called for, I always hated getting snow on my wrists and arms when I was playing as a kid, so I thought these would tuck in a little better.
I also made them very tightly knit for warmth and dryness.
Vivi's (purple) are made using two strands of yarn.

Completing those means I am in-between projects at the moment.
I felt a little lost...what to do next?
So I mopped the floors and cleaned my house...
Redecorated my house with flowers...
Drew with chalk and blew bubbles until I got light-headed and also planned out breakfast for tomorrow.

Then I noticed that my miniature rose was getting tall and starting to flop over.
It needed a trellis.
I've actually seen some cute mini ones in the stores but I didn't feel like driving anywhere so I thought I'd make my own.
There has GOT to be something around this house that could be used for a trellis, right?
I felt like the MacGyver of crafting. ;-)

Haha! We have an abundance of popsicle sticks and some Elmer's glue.
Ta da!
I could paint it up and make it look pretty...but I'm not feeling it right now.
I'm feeling hungry instead. what can I make with ketchup and bananas?

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