Friday, May 11, 2012

Reading Rocks! :)

Vivian has really started to do well with her reading.
She even points out to me that the last "l" in bell or tell or sell is silent. :)
This is a video of her reading a few words from "A Handbook For Reading" from Abeka yesterday.

Shiloh has been reading for quite awhile now, but she wanted me to take a video of her reading too so this was taken yesterday as well. 
She saw this book in the store the other day and she couldn't put it down.
It's "Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth". It says it's for ages: 7-10.
It's the next stage of books for girls who like the "Fancy Nancy" stories.
It's Shiloh's first book that doesn't have pictures on every page! :)
Exciting, but I wasn't sure she was ready for it.
Would she understand what she was reading and would it keep her interested without any pictures to tie the story together?
So I've been having her read a chapter each day (some chapters are long!) and I help her with the difficult words or giving definitions.
"Mementos" is a word used a lot so far and very hard for Shi to say, usually it comes out "mentos" and her pronunciation of "suite" at the end is just too cute. :)

(In this part of the story the kids brought "Mystery Mementos" to the school and wrote a little paragraph (another big word) about it and the kids were supposed to guess who each memento belonged to.)

She loves the book and I'm really getting into the story too!
I find myself reading ahead or wishing we could add another chapter to our day. :)

So happy that my girls have the reading bug!

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