Tuesday, May 08, 2012

You get sick and toss your cookies...

(The title comes from an *old* computer game I used to play. Any time you made the character eat something he wasn't supposed to, you got the automatic reply "You get sick and toss your cookies". So of course we tried to make him eat everything! ;-)

One of those dreaded jobs of Mommyhood is cleaning up vomit.

I have been blessed in that my children are not big vomiters.
Vivian famously threw up in a taxi and all over me, then when she was one and had the stomach flu that was pretty awful.
But I had been spared the ordeal of cleaning yuck out of a car seat...until now.

Children's car seat makers need to have a talk with Moms.
Cup and snack holders, I don't need them.
I never use the ones that came with the girls' seats, because space is another issue.
I can't close the door if the cup holder is attached, and half the time the things fall off anyways.
BUT washable straps would be great!

Shiloh was the sick one this time.
I had to have her stand in the bathroom and wait while I brought in her sleeping sister, the car seat, and the floor mat from the truck.
After getting her all cleaned up, and the truck cleaned up, and the floor mat washed...and the bathroom floor and door cleaned as well.
I tackled removing her car seat cover and straps.
That was gross, threading yuck-covered straps through tiny slots, smearing more yuck everywhere!
Fortunately the covers are machine washable, so I was able to toss them in the washer with Shiloh's clothes and sneakers and get everything done at once.
The straps needed to be carefully hand-washed, and I ended up having to scrub at all the clasps and buckles.

Then when I got that all done, I had to clean out our fish tank and give Tomick his sea burial.
He had been acting ill so it wasn't a big surprise. We had him for quite awhile.
Poor Rory, now we keeping waking her up to make sure she's still okay.

Fortunately we didn't need to go anywhere the next day since Shi didn't have a seat or sneakers while we waited for everything to dry.
She was helpfully offering suggestions (She felt fine before and after she got sick).
"I know, Mama. You can carry me to the car and then I can hold onto the seat so I don't fall and then you can carry me in the store!"
The girl has a shopping gene. eek!

When I went to put the cover back on her seat, I found a seam had come undone so I had to repair that first. But after that the seat went back together pretty quickly.
They just don't like to go in and out of the car either, and I scraped my arm up reinstalling it.
I want it super-secure though, and that can make it a pain to get in that tightly.

At least Shiloh enjoyed her shower that she got to clean her up, as versus her usual bath.
She even asked for another shower the next night at bath time. :)
That meant that Vivi got a shower as well.
Vivian did not care for the shower as much, which I knew she wouldn't.
From the time she first transitioned from sponge baths to a baby bathtub, this girl has not enjoyed water.
But at the end of her shower, she shivered and said "But I didn't cry this time, Mama!"

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