Friday, June 29, 2012

Clay Modeling - Take #2

Fun with Clay!
We enjoyed our last craft time using clay, except for the fact that we discovered that the clay would not dry...ever.
(Which made it pretty useless really, it was like stinky playdoh)

So I started looking for air-drying clay and actually found some on clearance!
They were little kits so we bought one for each girl.
Each kit was supposed to make one monkey and one panda (instructions included).
It's for ages 6+ but it was not easy!
For me I mean, the girls get leeway since they're only 4 and 5! ;-)
When you touch one piece to another it sticks, so there is little room for error...especially when putting black on white!

Shiloh dug into hers. Vivi was more tentative and then asked me to make her a gnome with a hat, then a gnome without a hat.
Then a white kitty. Then a monkey and its baby. Then a panda, and a baby for that one too.
(DH touched the baby panda while in the drying process and knocked one of its ears off, so that has to be super-glued back on.)
I had a gob of flesh-colored clay left-over, so I made a snake and then because I was tired of "playing" with the clay I just coiled the rest up.
Vivian says it is a coiled snake or a beehive. :)

Shiloh made a nice monkey, and then wanted to add hair.
She used all the rest of the clay for the hair but I told her I couldn't get it to dry like that.
I was a good foot of "hair"!
So she chopped of some of the length and we set her monkey to dry. 
By then she had been playing quite awhile so we wrapped up the rest of her clay for another time.
It's a jumble of colors but she could make some pretty tortoiseshell animals next time. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poor pinkie pie...

Our garden is doing really well this Summer.
The corn is now bigger than Vivian!
It's our first year growing corn so we're excited to see it doing so well. :)

I was worried how my hydrangeas would do. They got caught up growing and budding in the warm temps we had early in the spring, and then killed off by the sudden frost/freeze.
But...just look at this beautiful bloom!
The bushes aren't very big though, since the frost killed them down.
This bloom is about half the size of the whole plant!
We spent some time outside this afternoon and saw the moon was making an early appearance.

Vivi cut her toe last night. :(
She was running and kicked her doll stroller and the plastic wheel scraped one of her toes right in the middle of her foot.
She didn't really freak out until I checked it and said "Oh, I have to get a bandaid."
Then she looked at it, saw blood, and started wailing harder.
It's in an difficult place so it's hard to take care of.
I had a bandaid on it, but it had to go around two of her toes so that was awkward.
(Her toes are soo tiny!)
Today I just kept cream and socks on her, but with it being on her active little foot it's still bleeding once in awhile when the other toe rubs it.

It was funny hearing her tell her Daddy about it though.
"Dada, I was runnin' in da play room kicked my stroller.
I was runnin' and kicked my stroller and I cwied.
'Den...'Den...'Den Mama had to put a Hello Kitty bandige on my pinkie pie toe.
So's I got a Hello Kitty on my pinkie pie."

He didn't have a clue what she was talking about. lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Big Girl Baby is 4!

Vivian had a birthday this past weekend!
She turned 4!
How is that possible??
She's told me repeatedly though that she's not a big girl until she turns 5.
She's is my "big girl baby" (that's what she calls herself) still. :)

I made cupcakes to celebrate her actual birth day.
And a Mermaid Barbie cake for her party.
I wish I could have put a little more detailing into it but it was hot and super-humid so I was working as quickly as possible so I could put her in the fridge.
As it was, one of her bra cups fell right off just before I put it away!
Wardrobe malfunction!! Wardrobe malfunction!!
The three youngest granddaughters at Grama's house.
Ages: 4, 5, and 6! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Car Show

Yesterday evening we decided to take a walk.
Well, most of us walked....Vivian prefers to ride in a stroller still.
While we were walking DH's Aunt called  and told us that there was a car show going on down on main street.
DH decided we would just stop into the restaurant for a minute since it was quiet and we were nearby.

Next thing we knew we were walking in midst of the car show with his Aunt.
Such a crowd!
There were so many people and vehicles. Antique cars, souped up cars, monster trucks...even a van that looked somewhat like the Mystery machine.
Even by the time we had walked everywhere and were ready to go, all of the cars had not been lined up yet.
That part took forever!
Both of the local ice cream trucks were set up there as well, but since we were just planning on taking a quick walk we didn't bring cash with us.
So Aunt had Shiloh ask her Uncle for some money for ice cream.
DH and I didn't know about this so his Aunt retold it to us.
Shiloh "Uncle Kim, we need some money to get some ice cream."
Kim: "Oh, how much do you need."
Shiloh: "Twenty dollars"
Kim: "Why so much? Is ice cream expensive?"
Shiloh: "We have to get an ice cream for my Daddy and a ice cream for my Mommy, and an ice cream for me and one for my sister, and a ice cream for Auntie Chris."
Kim: "Oh okay, that is a lot of ice cream."

We actually decided to stop at the gas station instead since it was less crowded than the trucks.
They had a Spongebob ice cream, which had no dairy in it from my quick perusal so Vivian decided she wanted that.
It had gumball eyes which was another big thing for Vivian.
She is very envious that Shiloh is able to have gum and she isn't yet, so it seemed like a big girl thing with her birthday coming too.

And...she promptly chewed and swallowed it. :-S

So gum is something she won't be trying again for awhile yet...but maybe now she'll stop asking to try it. I'm sure a Spongebob gumball isn't the tastiest...

Shiloh enjoyed the car show. Vivian didn't like the loud music and was nervous a few times...(if she wasn't in the stroller we probably would have had to carry her everywhere.)
DH and I were bored and hated battling the crowds.
I told him I was so thankful he's not a "show/fest/demonstration" type guy.
I went to enough "boat shows, and "ham fests" and "antique engine demonstrations" as a kid, to have my fill.
I enjoy a craft show on occasion (and so does he) but the rest of it doesn't hold any appeal.

And the next car show...yeah, I think we'll sit that out.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dresses #7 & #8

I finished the last of my sewing yesterday morning.
I really did end up liking the knit and fabric pattern so I used it again! :)
This is a very busy patterned fabric so I opted to leave the top plain, instead of decorating it with crochet or embroidery.
I made the length longer. I don't think they're too long but I'll see how it goes as the girls wear them.
It's easy enough to hem them up a little if needed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beauty Day

Last night I was telling the girls that I needed to trim their hair and update their nail polish.
I said we needed a Day of Beauty to do it on.
The girls were all excited with that idea. :)
I had to write "Beauty Day" on the calendar so I wouldn't forget...

Though honestly it was more like a late-afternoon of beauty.
Still schoolwork, laundry, gardening, and vacuuming to do in the early part of the day. :)
Then on to the beauty!

Baths with some scented bath salts (Not the Zombie-making kind, lets be clear here!) lol
Then I used a tube of scented moisturizer with glitter into it.
Girlies loved that!
Then playing nail salon, everyone wanted two coats.
A color and then something glittery over top. :)

Then the girls got haircuts.
Vivian needed both her bangs and length trimmed.
Shiloh needed a couple inches taken off the back.

The girls also decided that "Beauty Day" would not be complete without dressing up.
Shiloh took it a step up and decorated their room in crowns and bits of tulle and even extra princess dresses hanging off the bed posts!

Princess Vivian preparing to dine on her evening repast.
Princess Shiloh and her finely attired Easter bunny.
All Shi's stuffed animals were dressed up and lined up like a parade shouting that it was "Beauty Day"

At bedtime Shi asked me "Mom, can every day be Beauty day?"

Monday, June 04, 2012

Father's day craft - Origami Shirt Card

Father's Day is still a ways off, but the girls were itching to do a craft so I decided to have them do their Father's Day cards today. :)

I made these adorable Origami cards.
Too cute!
It opens up so the girls can write inside and then decorate the shirt. :)
The best directions I found are here.
The instructions for the sleeves were a little confusing but I muddled through and figured it out.

Shiloh's writing work from the other day.
I thought her pictures were just too cute.
The garden, with little stakes that have a letter for each vegetable planted. :)
Her drawing of Rory...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Dresses #5 and #6

I still have my sewing machine out and warmed up. :)

Today's accomplishment.
Vivian's Disney Princess Dress
Shiloh's Princess Dress
My silly model
My grumpy model...she just woke from a nap and was out of sorts..

Six dresses done! :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Dresses #3 and #4

Shiloh's Tinkerbell dress
Vivian's Tinkerbell dress
My models were goofing off. ;-)
I started and completed both dresses today, so pretty simple. (even for me!)
They are the same size, I just made Vivi's straps a little shorter.
Then I sewed buttons at the top so I could tell which dress went with which girl. lol
You can barely see them in the photo, but Shiloh's has pink buttons and Vivi's has blue.

I used pre-shirred fabric, but I was looking at some instructions on shirring fabric myself.
The most amazing thing to me was that I understood the directions.
It does help to learn the lingo!

Awesome year for a Garden!

My Rose bush is incredibly happy this year!
So Happy!
Happy! Happy! Look at all those buds!!
Can you believe that last year not a single bud bloomed?
Not one.
The rose was so attacked by aphids and rose midges. I was constantly spraying it but it was a losing battle. I decided then that I was done with roses and I wouldn't buy any more.
Then this year it goes crazy happy! Smells wonderful too. :)
Our garden this year.
 (The black thing in the corner is Shiloh's umbrella that she was carrying around)


Do you see what I see??
I'm a little excited! ;-)
The green beans are blossoming too...and so are my treasured Hydrangeas, though I didn't get a photo.
Just had to share.
It's been a rather unique Spring this year.
I've never seen this many Robins around, or so many Buttercups, and everything is growing so well. :)