Friday, June 01, 2012

Awesome year for a Garden!

My Rose bush is incredibly happy this year!
So Happy!
Happy! Happy! Look at all those buds!!
Can you believe that last year not a single bud bloomed?
Not one.
The rose was so attacked by aphids and rose midges. I was constantly spraying it but it was a losing battle. I decided then that I was done with roses and I wouldn't buy any more.
Then this year it goes crazy happy! Smells wonderful too. :)
Our garden this year.
 (The black thing in the corner is Shiloh's umbrella that she was carrying around)


Do you see what I see??
I'm a little excited! ;-)
The green beans are blossoming too...and so are my treasured Hydrangeas, though I didn't get a photo.
Just had to share.
It's been a rather unique Spring this year.
I've never seen this many Robins around, or so many Buttercups, and everything is growing so well. :)

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