Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beauty Day

Last night I was telling the girls that I needed to trim their hair and update their nail polish.
I said we needed a Day of Beauty to do it on.
The girls were all excited with that idea. :)
I had to write "Beauty Day" on the calendar so I wouldn't forget...

Though honestly it was more like a late-afternoon of beauty.
Still schoolwork, laundry, gardening, and vacuuming to do in the early part of the day. :)
Then on to the beauty!

Baths with some scented bath salts (Not the Zombie-making kind, lets be clear here!) lol
Then I used a tube of scented moisturizer with glitter into it.
Girlies loved that!
Then playing nail salon, everyone wanted two coats.
A color and then something glittery over top. :)

Then the girls got haircuts.
Vivian needed both her bangs and length trimmed.
Shiloh needed a couple inches taken off the back.

The girls also decided that "Beauty Day" would not be complete without dressing up.
Shiloh took it a step up and decorated their room in crowns and bits of tulle and even extra princess dresses hanging off the bed posts!

Princess Vivian preparing to dine on her evening repast.
Princess Shiloh and her finely attired Easter bunny.
All Shi's stuffed animals were dressed up and lined up like a parade shouting that it was "Beauty Day"

At bedtime Shi asked me "Mom, can every day be Beauty day?"

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