Friday, June 15, 2012

The Car Show

Yesterday evening we decided to take a walk.
Well, most of us walked....Vivian prefers to ride in a stroller still.
While we were walking DH's Aunt called  and told us that there was a car show going on down on main street.
DH decided we would just stop into the restaurant for a minute since it was quiet and we were nearby.

Next thing we knew we were walking in midst of the car show with his Aunt.
Such a crowd!
There were so many people and vehicles. Antique cars, souped up cars, monster trucks...even a van that looked somewhat like the Mystery machine.
Even by the time we had walked everywhere and were ready to go, all of the cars had not been lined up yet.
That part took forever!
Both of the local ice cream trucks were set up there as well, but since we were just planning on taking a quick walk we didn't bring cash with us.
So Aunt had Shiloh ask her Uncle for some money for ice cream.
DH and I didn't know about this so his Aunt retold it to us.
Shiloh "Uncle Kim, we need some money to get some ice cream."
Kim: "Oh, how much do you need."
Shiloh: "Twenty dollars"
Kim: "Why so much? Is ice cream expensive?"
Shiloh: "We have to get an ice cream for my Daddy and a ice cream for my Mommy, and an ice cream for me and one for my sister, and a ice cream for Auntie Chris."
Kim: "Oh okay, that is a lot of ice cream."

We actually decided to stop at the gas station instead since it was less crowded than the trucks.
They had a Spongebob ice cream, which had no dairy in it from my quick perusal so Vivian decided she wanted that.
It had gumball eyes which was another big thing for Vivian.
She is very envious that Shiloh is able to have gum and she isn't yet, so it seemed like a big girl thing with her birthday coming too.

And...she promptly chewed and swallowed it. :-S

So gum is something she won't be trying again for awhile yet...but maybe now she'll stop asking to try it. I'm sure a Spongebob gumball isn't the tastiest...

Shiloh enjoyed the car show. Vivian didn't like the loud music and was nervous a few times...(if she wasn't in the stroller we probably would have had to carry her everywhere.)
DH and I were bored and hated battling the crowds.
I told him I was so thankful he's not a "show/fest/demonstration" type guy.
I went to enough "boat shows, and "ham fests" and "antique engine demonstrations" as a kid, to have my fill.
I enjoy a craft show on occasion (and so does he) but the rest of it doesn't hold any appeal.

And the next car show...yeah, I think we'll sit that out.

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