Friday, June 29, 2012

Clay Modeling - Take #2

Fun with Clay!
We enjoyed our last craft time using clay, except for the fact that we discovered that the clay would not dry...ever.
(Which made it pretty useless really, it was like stinky playdoh)

So I started looking for air-drying clay and actually found some on clearance!
They were little kits so we bought one for each girl.
Each kit was supposed to make one monkey and one panda (instructions included).
It's for ages 6+ but it was not easy!
For me I mean, the girls get leeway since they're only 4 and 5! ;-)
When you touch one piece to another it sticks, so there is little room for error...especially when putting black on white!

Shiloh dug into hers. Vivi was more tentative and then asked me to make her a gnome with a hat, then a gnome without a hat.
Then a white kitty. Then a monkey and its baby. Then a panda, and a baby for that one too.
(DH touched the baby panda while in the drying process and knocked one of its ears off, so that has to be super-glued back on.)
I had a gob of flesh-colored clay left-over, so I made a snake and then because I was tired of "playing" with the clay I just coiled the rest up.
Vivian says it is a coiled snake or a beehive. :)

Shiloh made a nice monkey, and then wanted to add hair.
She used all the rest of the clay for the hair but I told her I couldn't get it to dry like that.
I was a good foot of "hair"!
So she chopped of some of the length and we set her monkey to dry. 
By then she had been playing quite awhile so we wrapped up the rest of her clay for another time.
It's a jumble of colors but she could make some pretty tortoiseshell animals next time. :)

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