Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poor pinkie pie...

Our garden is doing really well this Summer.
The corn is now bigger than Vivian!
It's our first year growing corn so we're excited to see it doing so well. :)

I was worried how my hydrangeas would do. They got caught up growing and budding in the warm temps we had early in the spring, and then killed off by the sudden frost/freeze.
But...just look at this beautiful bloom!
The bushes aren't very big though, since the frost killed them down.
This bloom is about half the size of the whole plant!
We spent some time outside this afternoon and saw the moon was making an early appearance.

Vivi cut her toe last night. :(
She was running and kicked her doll stroller and the plastic wheel scraped one of her toes right in the middle of her foot.
She didn't really freak out until I checked it and said "Oh, I have to get a bandaid."
Then she looked at it, saw blood, and started wailing harder.
It's in an difficult place so it's hard to take care of.
I had a bandaid on it, but it had to go around two of her toes so that was awkward.
(Her toes are soo tiny!)
Today I just kept cream and socks on her, but with it being on her active little foot it's still bleeding once in awhile when the other toe rubs it.

It was funny hearing her tell her Daddy about it though.
"Dada, I was runnin' in da play room kicked my stroller.
I was runnin' and kicked my stroller and I cwied.
'Den...'Den...'Den Mama had to put a Hello Kitty bandige on my pinkie pie toe.
So's I got a Hello Kitty on my pinkie pie."

He didn't have a clue what she was talking about. lol

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