Sunday, July 08, 2012


The blueberries are ripening!
And some are huge!!
Dish of blueberries for Vivian to enjoy and a spinach (from the garden) salad for Shiloh. :)

We have netting on the blueberry bushes and boy are the birds frustrated by that!
There was a Mother bluejay with two babies following her and she was trying and trying to find a way around the netting while her offspring followed her every move.
The berries are quite sweet and delicious, so I certainly can't blame them for their efforts. :)

There is a skunk hanging around as well, though the smell (our only sign so far) has been more to the front of the house.
Our front porch was quite fragrant this morning so DH is working on sealing off all the nooks and crannies where a skunk might be getting under there.
It looks like he's leaving the garden alone at the moment.

Which is good, since it's doing so well.
We have little tiny baby ears of corn can see the tassels! ;-)
Green tomatoes showing up, and the acorn squash is doing something...squashy.
They don't look like acorn squash though so...hmm.
Strange white gourds.
It was weird though last year too.
Everything else is already busy producing and being harvested.

With this heat wave and drought, everything requires daily watering but it's thriving nonetheless.

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