Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crafting with Tablecloths

I needed new dining room chair cushions...desperately!
But when I went to the stores, every cushion available was "spot clean only", and with young children that is just not practical.
I cringe to think of "spot cleaning" something that has had chocolate milk spilled on it!

So I decided to make my own cushion or cushion cover.
I found a flannel-backed tablecloth on clearance for $2.50 at Walmart.
I bought the 60" x102" size and I was able to make four chair cushions and cover three bar stools and still have extra!
I measured my old cushions and kept the natural curve of the tablecloth as a template to curve the other sides the same.
I folded it and sewed up both sides, leaving an opening to stuff, and hand-stitched ribbons into the the final seam so the cushions could be tied to the chairs.
I took apart my old cushions and used the filling to stuff the new ones.
I used the stuffing from about one and a half of the old cushions per one new cushion to make them fluffier.
Ta Da!!!
Easy-clean seat cushions!
And now the bar stools are easy to clean as well! :)
The girlies love to help me bake while perched on these seats so everything from egg to chocolate to frosting might be spilled here.

Hmm, I wonder if I can make a couch cover with one of these tablecloths...

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