Sunday, July 29, 2012

Irish festival...and a squash

We went to an Irish Festival today!
Bagpipes, drums, and instruments that I don't know the name of...
Irish Dancers.
Vendors selling "Banger and Mash" which particularly does sound appealing on and 80+ degree day!
And lots and lots of Green! :)

Love the kilts. Makes me miss the plaid skirts I wore when I was a girl!
(Except not on an 80 degree day!)
My Mom's coworker is a member of this band! :)
His young daughter did an Irish dance also.
Miss Vivi was entranced. :)
It was very crowded though so navigating the big stroller through it all took some mad skills.

Bonus picture....and let's say, Quiz of the day.
What are these?
They are from my garden.
I planted acorn squash.
These are not acorn squash.
There is also a zucchini growing in the midst (zucchini was planted in a different row in the garden) so maybe a squash hybrid?
Just a yellow squash...sort of looks like it?
BTW: The small one was broken off the vine by squirrels otherwise I would have let it grow more.
The squirrels are HORRIBLE this year. :(

DH with a weed whacker is almost as bad...but lets not go there.

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