Monday, July 09, 2012

Reading programs

A lot of places and libraries are in the midst of their Summer Reading programs right now.
I have the girls enrolled in one for the first time.
This particular program has been a lot of work for far.
Just getting them enrolled was a lot of forms!

Today I took the girls to fill out their reading charts, I didn't realize it was something to be done weekly and they can get a tiny prize each week.
They wanted us to put a sticker on the girls charts for each 1/2 hour they read.
That was my job to keep track of  and because my girls like to read and having not done the charts regularly it added up.
 33 stickers for Shiloh's chart and 21 for Vivian's!
Shiloh powered through and put all her stickers down by herself, I just had to count them to make sure she put down the correct amount.
Vivian was bored after one sticker and abandoned me to do the rest.

Their little prize this week was a temporary tattoo.
Vivian wanted the exact same one that Shiloh chose so that took a bit of searching.

Then Shiloh proved that she is certainly my daughter. lol
She thought that the tattoo was a sticker and when she heard me say "tattoo" she looked stricken and quickly put the tattoo down.
"But I don't want a tattoo, Mommy. Some grown-up peoples have drawings all over their bodies and I don't want that. I don't want a tattoo!"
So I explained how their tattoos were permanent but that this one would only last a day or two.
She was still disappointed that it wasn't a sticker, but decided to put in on her leg...then crawled around on the floor so really the "tattoo" only lasted about 30 minutes. :)

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