Monday, July 23, 2012

Snake soap...eek!

The girls went to a soap-making class. :)
We were the first ones there, which was great since that meant the girls had first pick of a toy to put in their soaps! They had a selection of little dinosaurs, insects, and a few animals.
They also were able to choose their colors. Shiloh chose orange and Vivian chose blue.
The girls picked the same (of course) little red snake to put in their soap.
While they were waiting for the soaps to cool and harden, they decorated little jars with colored sand.
The jars are cute....but so messy!
The girls were holding them on the car ride home and by the time we got home they were covered in sand. :-P
Vivian didn't like that at all.
She'll play with toy snakes, but she draws a line at getting sandy!
A girl has her limits!

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