Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation pics

The girls and I had a nice vacation with Grama and Grandpa. (DH had to work) :(
The girls loved the playgrounds...we visited three!
Shiloh had fun on the beach, and wrote her name in the sand.
Vivi wasn't so into that.
Shiloh at the walking bridge....I'm not sure what this pose is!
Vivian and the worms.
She was expecting a container full of gummy worms.
Live Earthworms are quite the letdown after that. She wanted us to put gummy worms on the hooks too...she was sure the fish would like those better.
We were also able to take a tour of a Coastguard boat...with a cute coastguard guide.
Vivi was ready to eat in their galley, but she's ready to eat all the time. ;-)
Fun times!

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