Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wildlife and Homeschooling

I took the girls to a presentation by a wildlife rehabilitator.
She brought in an injured Great Horned Owl which was impressive to see so closely.
When she turned him around, his back totally looked like the trunk of a tree...amazing!
The girls were hoping to see more birds, and in particular an eagle, so they got a little fidgety after awhile as it was mostly talking and a question and answer type program.
 But I was riveted. :)

I learned that the #1 animal that kills owls is nothing that you would think's porcupines!
The owl thinks they look tasty but when they swoop down to grab the porcupines they are injured/killed by all the quills.

I also learned that there are six species of owls in our area and skunk is one of their favorite foods.
(I almost wanted to ask if we could borrow one.) ;-)

Equally interesting to me was that this Rehabilitator was Homeschooled.
I had read that information in a newspaper article beforehand and the more we listened to the presentation, the more I wanted a moment to talk to her.
She is actually a Licensed Veterinary Technician who took many classes and tests to become the Rehabilitator that she is today.

So I patiently waited for a moment and told her that we enjoyed her program and asked if it was right that she was homeschooled?
She confirmed and said that she was homeschooled from 6th grade to Graduation and how much time it had given her to focus on her goal of animal rehabilitation.
I asked what curriculum she had used and she replied
"Abeka...are you familiar with it?"

Ack! yes! :) :-D
I did pry a little, (I couldn't help myself) and she said that she did not need to get her GED to further her education. She was the first in her class at that time (20+ years ago) to be homeschooled and she said how much more common and accepted by the colleges it is now.

Anyways it was quite uplifting to me.
Whenever I have doubts (or rather have doubts thrust upon me) regarding homeschooling, my main question to myself has been "Which way would God choose for you to educate the girls?"
I always know that answer but it's still awesome when God could just be "Ah..let her just learn to trust Me" but instead gives a little boost like today. :)

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