Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheers and Applesauce

I've been having Shiloh read "The Story of Helen Keller" for her schoolwork.
She's been enjoying it and I have also. I had forgotten a lot about Helen's later years.
Today's reading was a lot of fun.
I'm listening to Shiloh read and correcting her here and there when suddenly we both started cracking up after Shi read one line.
Then Shiloh gave me a funny look and giggled "But that's what it says!"
She found where she left off and started reading again
"Helen said "Thank you! I feel your applesauce with my feet!".
"What? She feels their applesauce with her feet?!"
We laughed so hard before I composed myself enough to correct her pronunciation of  "applause"! LOL
Even after that though, Shi kept forgetting and reading it as "applesauce". ;-)
Then she wanted applesauce.
(*In case anyone doesn't remember Helen Keller was both blind and deaf which is why she "felt the applause through her feet")

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