Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Draped Dress/Shirt

Sewing is not my strong suit.
I'm not really comfortable with the machine yet.
I never know when it's going to eat the thread or make an ungodly sound or show some other example of user error.
I've made a boat-load of curtains and now clothes for the girls and yet I still have to wipe off my sweaty palms before tackling my next sewing project.
I might do better if I actually followed a pattern...a real sewing pattern like one of those McCall's packages.
So far I've never done a real pattern, mainly because they all seem very dated to me.
But winging it is probably what makes me nervous, lol.
I imagine how easy it would be to just lay a paper trace over material, pin, and cut it out instead of measuring umpteen times and angles and a pattern might actually seem simple for me. ;-)
(My overhead light would probably thank me too as its been hit by my yardstick many times.
I know I need to get one of those measuring mats...or whatever they're called.)
But I digress...and ramble!
I love the look of the circle shirt.
They always catch my eye...but tend to be pricey, especially for how simple they are.
I mean, a basic T-shirt has more sewing.
This one runs around $35 at Nordstrom's. (wherever that is! ha!)
I found a tutorial to sew my own circle shirt here, and thought that even I should be able to handle that...
Then I pulled out my material and realized I had enough for a too-short dress or very long shirt, and actually I had been looking for something that length to go with some of my snugger capris and leggings.
So I went back to the Internet to search and see if this actually was...something.
Is it a style or would it look too frumpy?
Then I found this site with a basic tutorial and a picture of this BCBG dress from Macy's.
 So I brought out one of my T-shirt dresses for a template for the sides and another shirt that I liked the neckline of, so I could trace that for my pattern.
See my trusty yardstick on the counter? ;-)
Laying out my T-shirt dress. I then pinned around it where my lines would be sewn.
I tried it on and then adjusted the pins as needed.
I wish I had a dressmaker's do not want to see how scratched up I am from all the pins.
I am my dressmaker dummy! Ack!
Then another hop online to double-check what type of stitch I should use on this type of material.
(z) not (--) and I put my sewing machine to work.
Shiloh took these photos of me this afternoon.

It's really simple but somehow makes me feel glamorous.
It's also super comfortable, and really I just love it....and I don't know why!
I might dress it up a little or keep it casual, I haven't decided yet.
I have some material in bright pink and also a patterned material that I might tackle next, after all the only way to build my confidence and experience is to keep trying! :)

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doo said...

love it teri! and it does look so comfortable!!