Thursday, August 02, 2012

Girls Knit Shrug - Part 2 (without added ribbing)

After having Shiloh try on the shrug again this morning and analyzing it from every angle...I decided I really would prefer it without the added ribbing around the arm/torso opening.
I especially didn't like the fact that she couldn't put it on by herself with the extra ribbing, because it was more snug.
So...I took out the ribbing.

(*I would not recommend this if you haven't been knitting long, if you picked up stitches through the yarn instead of between the stitches or other issues it could make a big mess of your whole knitting project.)

Now the shrug looks like this...
And fits like this... :)
Much better. :)
I thought it was too plain at first so that was why I tried the ribbing...but less is more with this type of sweater I think.
Now I am planning to enlarge the pattern and make one for myself as well!

The girls were very helpful with the unraveling.
I gave them each a color to wrap around their hands as I unraveled so really it went very quickly and neatly.
I think this shrug is perfect for traveling.
Nice and warm, but takes up minimal space! :)

I am also planning to make a shrug for Vivian, but she found a pattern that she likes.
It's more sweater-like, so I'll be making a lot more pieces with that one.
It has two front panels, a back panel, two sleeves and an a bit more work!

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