Thursday, August 09, 2012

Reading rewards

The girls finished their reading program.
See the many, many tiny stickers we had to put on to keep track of their time spent reading?
It came to a grand total of  42.5 hours for Shiloh and 30.5 hours for Vivian! :)
So proud of them both!
The total for all the kids in the program was nearly 3,000 hours!
I'm kind of amazed at that because out of the three kids in front of us in line (to get their charts and certificates if they passed), one kid had read 50 hours and the two others hadn't read any. :-S

The power was out for over an hour so I wasn't even sure that the program's reward party would still be held but just minutes before it was to start, the power came back on.
They served cake and very melted ice cream...but kids don't mind that!
The party was in the basement so I'm very thankful the power came back on and stayed on!
Then they received their certificates and got to choose a new book. :)

Shiloh took forever to choose....just like every time we're at the library! ;-)
Vivian was set with a Fancy Nancy book until Daddy spotted a Mr. Putter book hidden in the back.
Mr. Putter beat out Nancy. ;-)

Vivi was so tired after our day of errands, and heat, and power outages (no fans or ac!), and the party.
Sleepy girl asked to go to bed at 6:30!

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