Thursday, September 06, 2012

Homeschool jumpers

I have been busy Fall cleaning...even though it's not Autumn just yet.
Also Fall decorating, it just feels like Fall to me.
(See my new tablecloth below? :)
This is has been my view the past few days.
Sitting at my sewing machine or hand-sewing while watching a show on my laptop or Homeschooling.
These sewing projects were just another idea I had...without any pattern.
I like the look of school uniform jumpers and I had this plaid material with dalmatians on it that the girls liked.
I wanted to try to avoid any buttons up the back because Shiloh recently had an incident where her hair wrapped so badly around a button at the back of her neck, that I had to cut off the button to free her! :(
I barely had enough material for my designs which added another stress factor to my sewing but seriously I impressed myself with the results. :)
They came out so cute.

Shiloh's jumper.

Vivian's jumper
I kept thinking I would love the jumpers in a blue plaid better, but the dalmatians are growing on me. ;-)
My models
Back to Homeschool in style. :)

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doo said...

Really cute teri! so are the models :-)