Friday, September 21, 2012

Last day of Summer

It was a beautiful day! :)
The girls and I spent a good couple hours outside today playing and doing yardwork.
I washed a load of rugs and hung them out to dry.
I had three bushes that needed trimming. One bush is supposed to be pruned this time of year, one in the spring, and the other I didn't bother looking up.
I had the time now so I did them all. I find that works best.
The garden is mostly empty now so the girls had a lot of fun digging there.
Shiloh was very busy "planting stones" while Vivian "gave the plants some dirt." :)
We also briefly tried Shi's bike without the training wheels, but that didn't last too long.
She's not that great at balancing on her feet so it might be a stretch to try it now. lol.
She was also eating an apple the other day and loosened up another one of her teeth pretty good...Stop growing little girl! :)
The girls have been a bit chilled sometimes with the changing temperatures so I grabbed a couple of little crib quilts for them and put them in the living room so they can grab those instead of the big crocheted afghans.
 They have loved it so much and now they're constantly camping out somewhere with pillows and the quilts, reading or watching a movie, or tucking in their dolls and so on. :)
It's those simple little things!
Unfortunately the changing temps and humidity affects Vivian badly.
I always think/hope that she'll outgrow it but every spring and fall we go through a flare up of her eczema.
She's so itchy after her bath that I'm really thinking of switching her to showers this time of year....even though she really doesn't like those.
But worse is her waking up in the middle of the night just inconsolably itchy.
She scratches herself so bad and it's just awful.
I gave her Benadryl before bed tonight and I'm hoping that does the trick because she's been so tired and a bit irritable from the lack of sleep.
She really needs to get a good night's sleep...and it wouldn't her Mama either!
(I just realized I've been using her snake soap for her baths, so I need to switch her to Cetaphil now that her skin is acting up.)
Poor kiddo.
It's easier to be sympathetic now, it's much harder at 2am.
We took the girls to the playground the other day and I thought to bring my camera.
This playground even has a porta-potty.
I've got to say, all playgrounds should have some type of potty available. ;-)

Some little boys were on the playground, they were smaller than Shiloh but boy were they daring.
I guess that's the difference with boys.
Anyways they were blocking Shiloh's way with their play, so she politely backed up so they could pass. But they didn't.
So then Vivian came up and the two of them started to go forward together like a little plow. lol.
Just reminded me of myself and my sister. :)
Then the boys' Dad noticed and told the boys to get out of the way, but DH was coming right behind the girls so I knew they were going to move either way.

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