Friday, September 21, 2012

My own Dreamworks

I have been having a lot of active dreams lately.
I mean really active, like movies really.
DH says it's because I've been thinking too much.
Who, Me?!
The bad thing is that these dreams keep my brain so active at night, that I'm really tired during the day. :(
In one dream, (I'm not sure why I was there or involved at all) a couple was trying to adopt twin boys who were about 8-9yrs old.
Then one boy became very sick but they weren't allowed to get him out so they set up this huge movie-esque rescue of him, but decided to leave his twin there because they still wanted to adopt him legally.
There are a bunch of people involved in the rescue and they all cram into the cab of a pick-up truck to escape....then I refuse to get in because now I suddenly have the girls with me and it's not safe and there is no room for their car seats.
But I guess I am able to find alternate transportation, because next there is a detective at the couple's home searching for the boy.
He's a detective from a TV show. ;-)
He keeps coming and searching nearly every day...and then I wake up.
Then last night I dreamt that the President was assassinated by poisonous snakes in his car, while he was visiting Syria.
(I know, what in the world??)
His car went off a bridge, so it took them awhile to find out about the snakes.
Then I was worried about war with Syria, Biden being President, how it would affect the Election, and I felt bad for the President's daughters.
I've definitely not been having restful nights!
Calm down brain!
Or maybe I should blame the Doritos I ate before bed?

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