Friday, September 28, 2012

New classroom pets

They're not teens, they're not mutants, and (as far as I know) they aren't ninjas!
But...they are turtles!
The newest pet members of our family were gifted to the girls this week.
We weren't expecting them, so they had to spend a couple of days under a desk lamp until we could get to the pet store for a proper basking lamp and bulb.
This is Shiloh's turtle. She's more green colored and her name is "Katie".
Shiloh named her after the kids book "Katie did it"...where everything gets blamed on the little girl named Katie.
I don't think there's much she can blame a turtle for though..?
This is Vivian's turtle. She's more darker colored.
Vivian named her turtle after her favorite Lalaloopsy.
Introducing...."Pillow Featherbed"!!!
Both turtles just started eating today. It took them a few days to adjust.
Pillow Featherbed must have been quite hungry as she's been eating a lot!
And she loves the basking light...
Now that's a happy turtle.

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