Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Eczema routine

Dealing with Vivian's eczema-plagued skin is an on-going, day-by-day thing. :(
I did not give her Benadryl before bed last night.
Going to sleep is not a problem for her but she wakes in the middle of the night scratching and that's when she's most itchy (well that and after a bath).
She was still waking when she was on Benadryl anyway so it really wasn't helping with that issue.
So she woke up about 3 1/2 hours after she went to bed, that's pretty much on cue.
She's scratching and complaining about being itchy, but when I feel her belly in the dark it's really bumpy feeling.
I bring her downstairs and her belly is covered in hives! A few on her legs and other places as well.
Vivi does tend to break out in random hives, but seriously at this time she could use a break!
(She still has the stuffy nose going on too...)
I gave her Benadryl...and she ate a little and fell back asleep.
I went out today and found two different 24-hr. allergy medicines for her age group.
They both had different active ingredients, one Claritin and one Zyrtec and I didn't have a clue which one to choose.
Thankfully they had pharmacists working on a Sunday!
The pharmacist was very helpful and explained either one might help her. We just don't know which one her body would react best to.
So he advised trying the Zyrtec first as he sees that working more often.
So then I went to get her the Cetaphil bar/soap and I thought about what the pharmacist said, and really the Cetaphil hasn't "helped" just doesn't make her skin worse.
So I found this Basis sensitive skin bar and decided to try that instead.
I'm also trying to wash her mostly with just water and using the soap just for parts that need more cleaning, then our usual routine of baby oil and vaseline on the itchy places.
Hopefully this is a eczema-kicking...or at least eczema-controlling routine!
I guess I'll see what the night brings!
Driving home from shopping, I mentioned to the girls how nice it is to have all these stores just a short drive from home.
I told them when I was a kid we had to drive pretty far to go shopping and we didn't even a Wal-Mart for a long time (I'm so old! lol).
Shiloh looked at me seriously "You couldn't even get liverwurst?!?!"
That was the worst thing that came to her mind, being far from liverwurst.
That's my daughter. :)

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