Friday, September 14, 2012

Panda toaster cover

Happy Birthday to my sweet six year old Princess today! :)
She had fun playing with her new toys and helping me with my newest project.
I decided that I wanted a cover for my toaster.
I was thinking about the dust and stuff that gets into the toaster and I really wanted to cover mine.
So I started looking for toaster covers online...
But most everything looks like these appliance covers from
It didn't matter if they were homemade or from a store, they were all rather dull and looked like lumps of fabric on the counter.
Not what I was looking for at all...
So I knew I'd have to make what I wanted totally from scratch. Eek!
My kitchen colors are black and white so I started to think of what would go with those colors, and also how to make it not seem like this blob of fabric on my counter.
So I sketched out this panda pattern last night with my kiddos' crayons. :)
The idea of it was just too adorable, I just had to try to make it! :)
I finally bought a measuring mat!!! Yay!!
It is much easier to measure fabric with it...and will save scratches on my tables and counters.
This was my view this afternoon, watching "Project Runway" while I sewed. :)
It's my motivation, "If they can make an evening gown in this episode then I certainly can make a little panda!". 
Ta da! Introducing the newest Panda to hit the U.S.
Shi helped me choose buttons for the eyes and she wanted a flower by the ear, so it could be a girl.
I used white felt for the face which worked great for adding fuzziness and also firmness so the face would stay up and not flop over, but the rest is just scraps that I had on hand.
The black fabric was a bear to work with! (bad pun!)
And of course, I had to add a little panda tail.
Oh, the cuteness!
Definitely not just a lump of fabric on my counter and my toaster is covered nicely!

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doo said...

that came out so cute teri!! great job!