Monday, September 24, 2012

Singing the praises of....

Vivian slept through the night!!
I know that laugh was a bit maniacal, but I got sleep, she got sleep, and most importantly she's not itchy and scratching herself raw.
The medicine lasts 24 hours and I notice she's not scratching herself nearly as much today as she has been, and really she hadn't slept through the night since her eczema started up this Fall.
I'm hoping it keeps working! :)
On the crafting front.
I had a coupon for Michael's so the girls and I stopped over there and were browsing their aisles.
Michael's is pretty new to us, we're more familiar with Joann's Fabrics.
I am interested in trying my hand in a lot of different crafts and hobbies, but I don't want to end up with a room full of craft supplies so I really have to reign myself in and stick to what I think is useful, and crafts that I'll truly invest in and enjoy doing.
So I went for supplies for crafts that I already dabble in. Michael's had a good supply of yarns, but a lot of small skeins of the fancy stuff (super fluffy, fake fur yarn, silky pom pom strands etc.) which I don't really use much.
So I opted to use my coupon on a new rotary cutter for fabrics (and other stuff).
I was cutting some slippery fabric with scissors the other day and it was nearly impossible so hopefully this cutter will help with that.
Plus my scissors always end up with stuff like Elmer's glue on it, which makes them even less usable for fabrics so I'm kind of excited to see how the cutter works.
Unlike Joann's, which carries a wide variety, Michael's doesn't carry any fabrics at all nor all sewing supplies like buttons, machines and notions. I'm actually surprised they even had the cutter there!
They've invested more in frames, beading, and scrapbooking supplies. They had a nice selection of Wilton and baking supplies too.
But overall Joann's caters more to my sewing and knitting hobbies.
I have a couple of crochet items that I want to make.
I started out one project and realized the color of the yarn I was using, was not what I wanted so I bought the right color and I just need to start again.
The nice thing though is that my pattern was coming out right!
Crochet is pretty new to me so I was really happy that I was following this correctly on my first try.
I need to have the basic instructions right next to the pattern to help me through...and I have to stay motivated.
I can see how simple this pattern and stitches are, but still I have to concentrate and focus on each stitch since it's new to me and that is a bit frustrating.
It's tempting to just convert it to knitting and be be done with it, I could do it quickly while watching a show instead of stitch by stitch.
But I like the look the crochet lends to this project and it's good for my brain to try out new things, right?
Probably good for my patience level too. ;-)

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