Monday, October 22, 2012

Hawkers' Market

We went out shopping for the day.
A mall or two, a bit of an outside market, and also a hawkers' market where they sell mostly herbs, and dried things like fish and fruit.
The hawkers' market is on an open 2nd or 3rd floor, and it's just dead-air hot, there are a few fans but those just seem to circulate the hot air around.
Added to the heat is tons of pungent aromas from the herbs, dried fish, dried octopus, dried apricots and nuts, dried flower blossoms and incense just to name a few.
It's rather overwhelming and unless you're very tolerant of heat and odors it's not a place you can stay for too long without feeling rather ill.
The girls didn't fair much better than I ever have at the market.
Soon Shiloh had decided that the heat was unbearable and she wanted to leave, not only the market but head back to our Country. ;-)
Vivian just drooped, from walking to being carried to finally laying her flushed cheeks on her Daddy's that point I told them we had to find some A/C pretty quickly.
If it wasn't for the oven-like heat, the aromas wouldn't be too bad and the market would be quite interesting to browse around.
They had lots of samples and you could try both dried American apricots and dried Japanese ones side-by-side for example.
They are both nice and sweet but the Japanese apricots seem to be a little more tender.
There were also dried mushrooms in every shape and size, and a lot more dried things that I didn't have a clue what they were. lol
Somehow they manage to keep the flies away which you would think would be everywhere.
But maybe that has something to do with the underlying smell of the Country...which is mothballs.
Most of the markets and streets have the odor, strong or faint, of mothballs.
They even sell them in the stores in rainbow colors.
The small markets kiosks use mothballs around their clothes to preserve them, and the city puts mothballs in its drains and ditches to keep away mice and other pests.
Though probably the geckos take a big chunk out of the fly population too? ;-)
We also saw a bicycle rickshaw business.
Didn't seem to be too busy and I think I would feel too awful having someone pull me around in this heat and sun!
We ended up just taking a taxi home. :)

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