Friday, October 12, 2012

Kids say....

The girls were so cute today.
Vivian asked me "Mama, do you have any more of that delicious Tornado soup?"
Shi comes running over "What's Tornado soup?"
"She means Tomato."
Vivian: "I want some more Tornado soup!"
Shiloh was complaining to me and Vivi ran over.
"No I didn't, Mama! Shiloh is lining!"
Shiloh: "No, I'm not....What? I'm lining?!?! Do you mean lying or lining, Vivian?"
Vivian: "Yes Shiloh! You're lining about me!"
Shiloh: "Mom, I can't line about her. I don't even know what that is!"
Then later on I was explaining to Shiloh what an "addiction" was.
She suddenly yelled "I know about that! It's like me and Lick-a-sticks! Once I have one, I can't stop and I want another one!"
So funny! Kind of odd that she picked Lick-a-stick as her candy example though since I haven't bought those in a long time!
After much trial and error...I completed two crochet hats.
I still need to decorate them, but I don't think I'm going to get a chance to get to them for awhile yet...(though I really want to finish maybe!)
Anyways Ta da! Here they are so far.

Girls are cute, but the hats aren't much to look at...yet.
I think they'll be nice when I'm done though.
Plus I learned a lot about crocheting and became much faster and confident at it.
Just what I need...another hobby. haha!

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