Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mission Impossible: Turtle Escapade

We had to leave the house early this morning, since Vivian had an early dentist appointment and her Dentist is about an hour away.
We were rushing this morning because we woke a little late and we had to leave pretty early.
We had a busy day with a lot of errands and when we got home early this afternoon I was running around washing the kids hands, taking off their coats and shoes, and putting groceries away.
We had picked up some fast food, so I was going to feed the girls but I decided I would take a second to feed the turtles and turn on their basking light first.
I brought the food over to their tank and...there's only one turtle.
Um, there's supposed to be two.
I start moving the stones around in the tank.
Still just one turtle.
I take all the plants out, rinse them out in the sink carefully.
Still just one turtle.
It seems utterly impossible that one escaped so we keep looking under the rocks but the second turtle never appears.
So then we launch the big search.
DH asks which turtle is missing.
Well, when the turtles are together, one is dark green and one is lighter green.
But when you're looking at just one turtle it's a little harder to tell.
 I said "Well, Katie just hides and Pillow Featherbed is more active so I think it's Pillow Featherbed that's missing."
Ugh, we never should have named her after Pillow Featherbed.
I mean there's a whole movie on the search for Pillow!
We shine flashlights under the TV stand.
DH and I pull out both of the couches.
We check all the heating vents.
 Pull out a bookcase to look behind it.
DH goes to the basement and bangs on the air intake pipe to hopefully scare the turtle towards the entrance if she fell in there. (That leads to the furnace so there's no way to get anything out really)
We call for her, after all she's a pretty friendly turtle...and what does it hurt?
Actually it's kind of fun to call for a turtle like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street call for fish.
"HERE! turtle,turtle,turtle,turtle,turtle!" ;-)
I pull out everything in the playroom and look behind everything.
Then I go take a closer look at the turtle we still have.
"Wait! THIS is Pillow Featherbed!"
Pillow Featherbed has a little white mark on her shell where it was scraped. It's hard to see when her shell is wet but it's there if you look closely.
"Oh No..that means Katie is the missing one." (((GROAN)))
Katie is much more shy.
She swims away from us frantically, she tries to hide under stones in her tank.
So she will be hiding and probably under something.
We move the dining room table so we can look under the rug.
Shine flashlights under the stove and refrigerator and washing machine.
Move my super heavy piano.
DH get mondo points for diving head-first into this all out search for a little baby turtle...not many guys I know would go this far.
We pull off the front vent off the fridge.
Dig through the shoe rack.
Inspect my printer, which happens to sitting on the floor since I'm working on a print job.
Go through every bag and box at floor level that she might have crawled into.
We've found one green block, one orange crayon, one spider, and three monkeys from the Barrel of Monkey's game...but no turtle.
We're starting to get really concerned because we've looked everywhere, and how long can she go without water?
Then I said "I'm going to go through the feather dusters (they are tucked next to our washing machine) and then use them to clean under the appliances." hoping to find her under one of those.
I paused to look under all the kitchen rugs and Shiloh went ahead and pulled out the feather dusters because she wanted to help me dust....and there sitting on the floor was Katie.
She had hidden herself in the feather dusters and she was just laying there with her eyes closed.
I nervously poked her and she moved but she was quite cold and covered with fuzz.
I rinsed her off in warm water and put her back in the tank, and she seems fine.
We added warm water to the tank and took out the plants that she must have used for her impossible escape.
Now the turtles just have a little island in the center.
(Below: Katie back in her tank...finally!)
Whew! Never think of turtles as a boring pet!
Drama, drama, drama!
I mean how in the world did this tiny turtle climb out of her tank (assuming she climbed the plants), then fall off the little table their tank is on...thankfully the floor is carpeted.
Then she scrambled across our living room, dining room, kitchen, and into the laundry room to nestle herself into the feather dusters?!?!
What in the world!
I need a nap.
Just to share, The girls made these turtles out of paper plates the other day for a craft project.
They came out so cute. Shiloh painted nailpolish and jewelry on hers.
Hmm, maybe that was my first clue that her turtle would turn out to be the Drama Queen? ;-)

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doo said...

Im thinking from the picture of katie that maybe she flew instead of climbed LOL