Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Singapore

Last night we visited "Henderson Waves" an 899ft. long pedestrian bridge.
The views of the city lit up at night, was pretty neat though you don't quite get the "wave effect" of the bridge when you're seeing it at night.
Looking between the floorboards and seeing the traffic whizzing far below me was a little unnerving.
Also unnerving, the "Beware of Wild Monkeys" sign.
 And the fact that the warning also said to not take photos of the monkeys or carry plastic bags with you.
Um...I can't carry a plastic bag?
Really? 'Cause I'm thinking a plastic bag isn't going to be much monkey protection anyways...
Can I carry a bat? mace?
The girls thought the walk to the bridge...up a steep incline through the woods with jungle sounds all around you...was pretty creepy and scary.
I concur. :)
We also took the four oldest cousins to a kids play area.

They enjoyed that! :)
Then to Toys 'R Us where they had the National symbol of Singapore...made out of Legos!
Now toys are very expensive here, you'd pay at least double what you pay in the U.S. for any toy and the exchange rate really doesn't change that, so that is really a pretty pricey Lego Lion!
Shi was really emotional yesterday. Most everything made her cry but today she's come down with a cold or something. She's had a sore throat for a few days but there is always a burning smell around so that's what I thought caused it, but last night the cough and runny nose started.
She is also homesick as is evidenced by what she wrote in her journal work for today.
"I love my home in our state."
"I love my Mom."
I love Vivian."
She had to make sure she pointed out that she loved our home in the U.S. because when we leave a mall here and head back to their Grandma's house, there is a tendency to call that "home".
Ahem, she's making it clear that it's not.
Of course when you don't feel well, everything is worse and you want your home.
Thankfully I brought some cold medicine from home, so she's been able to at least have some relief from her cough and get to sleep at night.

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