Saturday, October 20, 2012

Steamy days...

We took the girls out shopping today.
Whew! Steamy hot day! It started to rain just as we came back and those raindrops felt so nice and cool. :)
We exhausted the girls, not to mention the fact that they're still getting over jet lag.
They both just collapsed tonight and are both sound asleep now, and it's just 6pm.
It seems like they/we are having a harder time getting over the jet lag this time.
The only difference I can think of is the fact that the girls don't normally take naps anymore.
I think those naps must have helped them and us regulate faster before.
We took the girls on the MRT train, mostly just because the girls really wanted to ride it. ;-)
Vivian was concerned though because she didn't know who was driving it and because she couldn't see anybody she really wasn't content with our answer that there was an actual Driver.
The girls have been eating pretty well this time.
Vivian loves food any way so she's usually pretty easy.
Shiloh wants a detailed description of what it tastes like, why it is the color that it is, what the temperature is, whether it was grown locally....well, you get the idea. ;-)
The girls have been having a lot of fun with their cousins.
The oldest two tend to fight and bicker a lot, and it interesting to see my girls becoming the moderators.
Shiloh pulling one back and saying "Let's just play nice! Let's share! Let's all play together nicely!"
and Vivian right there copying her words and actions. :)
I rather thought they would just stay out of it or come and get me and not jump in to fix it themselves.
They have been great with the two babies as well.
One is about 16 mos and the other is about 23 mos.
When we came home from shopping, Vivi was upset because she couldn't find Rui Rui (Ray Ray) and she was concerned about where she was.
She's also always watching them and letting me know if they're doing something that they shouldn't.
Shiloh's also been really good about watching where she's going and not rushing in her usual way, so she doesn't bowl anyone over. ;-)

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