Thursday, October 18, 2012


We started our travels with a ride to NYC to catch a plane.
We went over the George Washington bridge (costs $12!)
Then Shiloh wanted to know if they had a bridge for every President and could we go over the "Obama bridge" next? lol
We rode in a Sienna Minivan, of which we saw quite a few on the road, and I was trying to tout its many features to DH.
I don't think I was able to convince him any though. ;-)
There were carseats for the girls and they fell asleep pretty quickly...that was great because it was quite a long drive with lots of heavy traffic made worse by the odd widespread power outtages and emergency vehicles.

We only had to go through security one through our flights, which was a first for us.
Usually we've had to go through security at the layover as well which is a pain with kids...and DH. ;-)
There were lots of movies for the kids and they were at a much easier age for traveling than previously.
I had some concerns about Vivian and the airplane potty and also with her possibly waking inconsolable because that has happened...especially if she's eaten something that bothered her stomach.
But she did great!
I brought new coloring books and those kept the girls happy during our layover. Plus some new books for Shi to read and their favorite treat of lollipops and they were really good travelers.

It has been stormy lately which actually is nice because it keeps it cooler.

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