Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vacation and Cousin photos

Finally able to upload a few photos.
On the layover in Germany (yay for no people eating knockwurst this time!) 
I brought out new coloring books and crayons for the girls.
That empty container on the table is the way they give you water with your meals.
(They also will pour a cup for you when the drink cart comes through, we like to save these sealed cups for the layovers. The airports are just as dry as the planes and they overcharge for everything)
The girls and their cousin Reina. She is a little older than Vivian.
The girls and another cousin, Reina's sister Clara who is just turning two.
They have had a lot of fun playing with their cousins.
I've been constantly surprised at how easy-going the girls have been too.
If one of their cousins disagrees with them they've just been saying "Okay, lets not fight. Let's play nicely."
So proud! :)

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