Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visiting Malaysia

We're currently on a little vacation within our vacation.
Flying to Malaysia...
This was a little commuter flight and the girls were disappointed to not have pillows, blankets, video monitors and footrests. They've been spoiled by the big planes, I think! :)
Malaysia has a lot of beautiful scenery.
And if you looked below the dock (not the one pictured above)
Huge Sea Urchins!
So neat.
We've also seen wild monkeys (a little scary when they come running at you looking for food!).
Wild Buffalo (not like American Buffalo, more like steer), wild dogs, wild cow herds.
You ever see a cow jump backwards?
Well, they do when they are almost hit by a minivan.
The cows, buffalo, monkeys, and dogs are all over the roads.
The monkeys get into the trash too, makes the pesky squirrels back home not seem nearly so bad.
We walked past giant centipede...like on National Geographic or something.
A huge black and white spotted bug that I have no idea how to identify.
We also heard the unbelievable loudness of a tree full of bats.
I really don't want to know what variety of bat either...especially around Halloween.
The roads are also covered with motorcyles and mopeds...Kids riding them, and parents with a couple kids. People carrying all their groceries...and not a helmet in sight.
It actually seems hotter here than in Singapore and I didn't think that was possible but adding to that is the fact that some of the stores have no air conditioning at all so there is not the usual reprieve from the heat.
Today we took the Langkawi Cable Car.
Such a hot day too.
Vivian gets really flushed and quiet when she is too hot, so then I take her to the bathrooms and drench her and she perks up....it's nice to at least have an over-heating warning with her.
At the top of the cable car ride. The sign reads 700 meters above sea level.
Your ears pop on the cable car ride!
Cooler up there too.


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