Friday, October 19, 2012

Watching Oz in Sg

The Internet connection has been spotty at best, it comes and goes and even varies depending on the laptop's location so I haven't been posting nearly as much as I expected too.
We took the girls out to breakfast this morning and found some "moving grass" along the way.
I don't know the real name and this connection can't handle me opening another page to search, but the fine leaves of this plant close up as soon as you touch it.
I remembered it from last time so I had to try to find some to show the girls again. :)
*I finally got a chance to look it up and it's called  Mimosa or shy grass.
You can see videos of it too. :)
We also found a huge snail with a beautiful coiled shell that was just on the sidewalk.
There are also other things to contend with in this tropical climate.
Like waking to a giant foreign bug on the bed, having a gecko run across your feet on a midnight potty trip.
Hearing geckos chirping all night or weird jungle bird sounds shouting at you from a tree over your head.
The general rudeness of the people is something I haven't missed.
Yeah, you don't miss people swinging their bags or purses into your childrens' heads or running their carts into you without so much as an apology...rather a dirty look for being in their way!
I realized I was the only in the entire Mall (so it seemed) that ever said "Excuse me."
Also rather surprised that the kids aren't more...I'm not sure what the word is, maybe focused on as much as in the US. At least in this house.
There are six little girls in this house this weekend, all ages 1-6 years old.
(It gets a bit overwhelming!")
So I would expect there to be more toys available and probably a running cartoon or kids movie on.
Toys are brought down one at a time (even for ALL these kids) then picked up promptly and the adults watch whatever they want on the TV.
I think maybe these are DH's brother's "Rules" but I can't be sure.

Anyways I have four little girls (including my own) in our room now watching "The Wizard of Oz" and playing a fishing game. :)
Also LOATHE, the bathrooms here.
Squatting toilets are really ewie...and I would never even think of taking the girls to one of those. :-S
But my main problem is the slipperiness! My goodness I'm surprised half the population hasn't died in the bathrooms.
Shiloh fell during her her first shower, and our almost 2yr. old niece fell last night and badly gashed her gum when she hit the toilet on the way down..
They don't have the medicines or anything that I would use to treat this injury on my girls either.
We couldn't even find her popsicles! :(
Constantly wet tile floors are just the worst design ever.
Anyways I think she'll be okay, but really it could have been so much worse!
She's a sweet baby too. Randomly singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" all day long and she was very concerned when the lion was crying on the "Wizard of Oz." :)

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