Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mouse

The first night we came back home from our trip, Vivian suddenly screamed and said she saw a mouse.
It was dark and she was sitting at the table and I was doing laundry nearby.
She said it ran under the loveseat, so I called DH and we moved the loveseat, then we moved the couch.
We looked around all the floorboards for *evidence* that a mouse had been in the house.
DH went to the basement to check for evidence down there.
Vivian said that the mouse looked like Rory (our hamster) and then she started going on about how she missed Rory and how cute Rory is. (My Mom was watching our pets for us at that point).
So DH and I chalked it up to her exhaustion and jet lag.
Until last night.
I was sitting on the couch trying to watch a show on my laptop but it was too glitchy.
Suddenly a little gray mouse shoots out from under the loveseat, heads for the table then (probably reacting to some movement I made) quickly darted back under the loveseat.
I did not scream.
At least not out loud, the girls were sleeping after all, but I was screaming inside.
I wasn't sure if it managed to squeeze down the heating vent or was still under the couch.
The vent there has only about 1/2 inch gaps and I know it took our dwarf hamster a while to squeeze through that small a gap so it didn't seem like a likely escape place.
I pulled out the loveseat and the mouse darted past my feet and hid behind the bookshelf.
At this point DH was supposed to be home any minute so I decided to wait for him.
Some people,(normal people?) might just shove a trap back there and wait for it to catch the mouse...but I'm not sure I could fall asleep like that.
We armed ourselves with buckets and flashlights, brooms and gloves.
I emptied the bookshelf, tipped it (it's only three shelf) and the mouse darted out and DH pounced.
Wow, the mouse was fast...but DH has some mighty quick reflexes.
He had trapped half of the mouse though and he's shouting at me to spray it with something!
So I grab bug spray and Lysol and I'm spraying the mouse.
Then we're both coughing and I'm trying to poke the mouse fully under the container.
Finally we get the mouse captured and DH disposed of it in the backyard.
Then this morning we look out and there is no mouse anymore.
Just our neighbor's cat looking very plump and pleased sitting in front of our garage....waiting for his next "manna from heaven" meal.

*It's embarrassing to share that we had a mouse in the house. But how could I keep such a story to myself?!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home at last!

It is absolutely wonderful to be home again.
I love it all. :)
Even just cleaning the dust bunnies from under my oven and fridge, it's my oven and fridge so I don't mind.
I took Shi to the Doctor for her long running cough/sore throat and they found she has a double ear infection so she's on antibiotics for that.
Her cough still sounds rough at times though and it bothers me that they didn't give me anything for that.
I mean when you're at the store and your child coughs and three random strangers turn to look at know she has a bad cough!
So I've got the vaporizer running every night, and Vicks, OTC cough syrup and vitamins and I'm just hoping to boost her immunity enough that she can kick this.
On a random side note, she lost her fourth tooth tonight. It's her top front tooth and the other one is close behind it so the way its going, Shiloh will be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this year.
Well, except for the fact that she has more than that on her Christmas list. ;-)
So cute!
The girls are still getting over their jet lag. It hits them hard.
They crash at random times (Shi has fallen asleep with her head on her schoolbook and Vivi took at nap at noon today) and then fall sleep early and wake early.
Actually I've loved waking early with them, it's been nice to see the sun rise and watching the snow fall yesterday morning was so pretty!
I'm feeling much better now and finally getting over my illness and starting to gain back some of the weight I lost.
Hmm, an excuse to indulge in Hostess cupcakes and ice cream?
Yes, I think so! ;-)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Don't drink the water!

I haven't even turned on the laptop these past couple days.
I woke up on Sunday very sick.
DH took me to the Doctor after a few hours and I was diagnosed with Traveler's diarrhea.
I received a slow and painful shot in the arm, which also made me feel ridiculously tired.
But at least I wasn't getting sick every minute, I would have taken five if that was what was needed!
DH and Vivi weren't feeling great either and they were diagnosed with Laryngitis and a cold.
Vivian has been running a low grade fever, but she has been even more lethargic than I could attribute to the fever.
I just went and checked out her prescribed medicines on Google, and all three of them have a side effect of drowsiness. Poor kiddo!
I think I'm dropping all except the antibiotics for her, she looks so dazed!
Shi has been fine except for a cough. I think it pays sometimes to be a fussy kid who won't eat much that she isn't familiar with! ;-)
We were trying to be so cautious with what we ate or drank while in Malaysia.
Seriously at one restaurant, my family refused to eat or drink a thing because it was a road-side stand that did not seem sanitary at all.
But I think sometimes it's nearly impossible to avoid when it could be a little piece of lettuce on your cooked meal or the water isn't sanitary when they rinse your plate before serving. (A common practice here because of the ants and geckos everywhere.)
Did I mention that we saw tons and tons of red ants in Malaysia?
Eek, long trails of them!
So glad we didn't get bit by those!
So mostly we've been sleeping and packing and trying to get well for our trip home tomorrow!


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Last day in Malaysia

Finally some decent pictures of the monkeys, :)
This mischievous one grabbed a piece of fruit from a woman's blanket at the beach, then scampered up the tree to enjoy his spoil.

His buddy thought that was awesome and joined him in the tree looking for anything unattended that they thought they could grab. You couldn't set anything down!
Shiloh and DH in the ocean.
It was the girls' first time in salt water. That tide was strong, wow!
It scared me with the girls!
The sun was hot on the beach too, but thankfully the sunscreen worked well and we seem to have come away without a burn...found some nice shells too.

One of two waterfalls we visited today.
Both visits involved a lot of climbing.
Sheer rocks, and little kids is not fun.
DH cut his heel on the climb and he had to carry Vivian as it was pretty impossible for her little legs to climb.
It wouldn't be bad if you had proper shoes but it was definitely not a place for kids...or my platform sandals.
Gotta say though, they were well worth the money. They've gone from malls to climbing sheer rock faces and they didn't slip once on me and still look nice. :)
My arm ached from holding Shiloh's arm so tightly so she didn't slip on the climb.
I wish I had a picture of the climb because it was just crazy but I was too busy making sure Shi didn't fall to grab my camera.
Anyways we made it through, and she really loved the waterfall.
BUT if someone mentions visiting another waterfall, they're going to find my platform sandal flying at their head! Just a warning. ;-)