Monday, November 05, 2012

Don't drink the water!

I haven't even turned on the laptop these past couple days.
I woke up on Sunday very sick.
DH took me to the Doctor after a few hours and I was diagnosed with Traveler's diarrhea.
I received a slow and painful shot in the arm, which also made me feel ridiculously tired.
But at least I wasn't getting sick every minute, I would have taken five if that was what was needed!
DH and Vivi weren't feeling great either and they were diagnosed with Laryngitis and a cold.
Vivian has been running a low grade fever, but she has been even more lethargic than I could attribute to the fever.
I just went and checked out her prescribed medicines on Google, and all three of them have a side effect of drowsiness. Poor kiddo!
I think I'm dropping all except the antibiotics for her, she looks so dazed!
Shi has been fine except for a cough. I think it pays sometimes to be a fussy kid who won't eat much that she isn't familiar with! ;-)
We were trying to be so cautious with what we ate or drank while in Malaysia.
Seriously at one restaurant, my family refused to eat or drink a thing because it was a road-side stand that did not seem sanitary at all.
But I think sometimes it's nearly impossible to avoid when it could be a little piece of lettuce on your cooked meal or the water isn't sanitary when they rinse your plate before serving. (A common practice here because of the ants and geckos everywhere.)
Did I mention that we saw tons and tons of red ants in Malaysia?
Eek, long trails of them!
So glad we didn't get bit by those!
So mostly we've been sleeping and packing and trying to get well for our trip home tomorrow!


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doo said...

hope you and the family feel better quickly and safe trip home!!! talked to your grandmother saturday, laughed quite a bit with her. im sure you will be exchanging stories about your trips soon!