Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home at last!

It is absolutely wonderful to be home again.
I love it all. :)
Even just cleaning the dust bunnies from under my oven and fridge, it's my oven and fridge so I don't mind.
I took Shi to the Doctor for her long running cough/sore throat and they found she has a double ear infection so she's on antibiotics for that.
Her cough still sounds rough at times though and it bothers me that they didn't give me anything for that.
I mean when you're at the store and your child coughs and three random strangers turn to look at know she has a bad cough!
So I've got the vaporizer running every night, and Vicks, OTC cough syrup and vitamins and I'm just hoping to boost her immunity enough that she can kick this.
On a random side note, she lost her fourth tooth tonight. It's her top front tooth and the other one is close behind it so the way its going, Shiloh will be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this year.
Well, except for the fact that she has more than that on her Christmas list. ;-)
So cute!
The girls are still getting over their jet lag. It hits them hard.
They crash at random times (Shi has fallen asleep with her head on her schoolbook and Vivi took at nap at noon today) and then fall sleep early and wake early.
Actually I've loved waking early with them, it's been nice to see the sun rise and watching the snow fall yesterday morning was so pretty!
I'm feeling much better now and finally getting over my illness and starting to gain back some of the weight I lost.
Hmm, an excuse to indulge in Hostess cupcakes and ice cream?
Yes, I think so! ;-)

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