Thursday, November 01, 2012

Last day in Malaysia

Finally some decent pictures of the monkeys, :)
This mischievous one grabbed a piece of fruit from a woman's blanket at the beach, then scampered up the tree to enjoy his spoil.

His buddy thought that was awesome and joined him in the tree looking for anything unattended that they thought they could grab. You couldn't set anything down!
Shiloh and DH in the ocean.
It was the girls' first time in salt water. That tide was strong, wow!
It scared me with the girls!
The sun was hot on the beach too, but thankfully the sunscreen worked well and we seem to have come away without a burn...found some nice shells too.

One of two waterfalls we visited today.
Both visits involved a lot of climbing.
Sheer rocks, and little kids is not fun.
DH cut his heel on the climb and he had to carry Vivian as it was pretty impossible for her little legs to climb.
It wouldn't be bad if you had proper shoes but it was definitely not a place for kids...or my platform sandals.
Gotta say though, they were well worth the money. They've gone from malls to climbing sheer rock faces and they didn't slip once on me and still look nice. :)
My arm ached from holding Shiloh's arm so tightly so she didn't slip on the climb.
I wish I had a picture of the climb because it was just crazy but I was too busy making sure Shi didn't fall to grab my camera.
Anyways we made it through, and she really loved the waterfall.
BUT if someone mentions visiting another waterfall, they're going to find my platform sandal flying at their head! Just a warning. ;-)

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