Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mouse

The first night we came back home from our trip, Vivian suddenly screamed and said she saw a mouse.
It was dark and she was sitting at the table and I was doing laundry nearby.
She said it ran under the loveseat, so I called DH and we moved the loveseat, then we moved the couch.
We looked around all the floorboards for *evidence* that a mouse had been in the house.
DH went to the basement to check for evidence down there.
Vivian said that the mouse looked like Rory (our hamster) and then she started going on about how she missed Rory and how cute Rory is. (My Mom was watching our pets for us at that point).
So DH and I chalked it up to her exhaustion and jet lag.
Until last night.
I was sitting on the couch trying to watch a show on my laptop but it was too glitchy.
Suddenly a little gray mouse shoots out from under the loveseat, heads for the table then (probably reacting to some movement I made) quickly darted back under the loveseat.
I did not scream.
At least not out loud, the girls were sleeping after all, but I was screaming inside.
I wasn't sure if it managed to squeeze down the heating vent or was still under the couch.
The vent there has only about 1/2 inch gaps and I know it took our dwarf hamster a while to squeeze through that small a gap so it didn't seem like a likely escape place.
I pulled out the loveseat and the mouse darted past my feet and hid behind the bookshelf.
At this point DH was supposed to be home any minute so I decided to wait for him.
Some people,(normal people?) might just shove a trap back there and wait for it to catch the mouse...but I'm not sure I could fall asleep like that.
We armed ourselves with buckets and flashlights, brooms and gloves.
I emptied the bookshelf, tipped it (it's only three shelf) and the mouse darted out and DH pounced.
Wow, the mouse was fast...but DH has some mighty quick reflexes.
He had trapped half of the mouse though and he's shouting at me to spray it with something!
So I grab bug spray and Lysol and I'm spraying the mouse.
Then we're both coughing and I'm trying to poke the mouse fully under the container.
Finally we get the mouse captured and DH disposed of it in the backyard.
Then this morning we look out and there is no mouse anymore.
Just our neighbor's cat looking very plump and pleased sitting in front of our garage....waiting for his next "manna from heaven" meal.

*It's embarrassing to share that we had a mouse in the house. But how could I keep such a story to myself?!)

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