Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas crafts

This is the crafting that kept me so busy during the Christmas season.
(Now that they've all been given out, I can finally show them here.)
Toaster covers/Tissue box covers.
Cookie Monster/Owl/Polar bears/Penguin/ and Toothless! :)
Now Shiloh wants me to make clothes for the Lalaloopsy doll she received for Christmas.
She also requested little booties/slippers for the doll.
Um, she thinks I am more talented than reality.
Lol, we were watching a Barbie movie and I commented about liking a gold-rimmed green ball gown and she asked me to make one, but in pink.
Uh. From making a toaster cover to a ballgown is quite a leap.
Especially when I'm not even sure where to begin on making the doll's clothes.
Wish me luck!

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