Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Happy Toesday!

It has been crazy around here.
The weather has been crazy, snowing one day and 60's the next.
Shiloh drew a Christmas tree on our driveway with chalk.
Drawing with sidewalk chalk in December...that's a first!
Christmas shopping has been crazy, but that's always harried anyways.
I've made a small dent, no make that a scratch in my Christmas shopping.
I thought I had made a dent, then I realized I needed to add someone to my list. Oops.
I was so happy to find several things that the girls wanted on sale. When I went up to the register the cashier refused one of my coupons for a box of crackers.
It wasn't a big deal so I didn't make a fuss (It was just his mistake, but he was obviously new and nervous about his job) but when I went to put the coupon back with my other coupons, I found a $5 off coupon that I had forgotten about.
I wasn't sure if I could use it or not with the items I had, but for $5 I thought it was worth checking out.
So actually the cashier ended up saving me money by refusing my coupon.
When does that ever happen? lol
Then when I was buckling up the girls into their car seats, Shiloh asked if she could spit out her gum.
I stretched out my hand and started to climb toward her and she actually "spits" the gum.
Up in the air....and down between the seat cushions.
Seriously, sometimes I think she is the girl-version of Dennis The Menace!
She is so innocent in it, but these things happen all the time!
So I had to unhook and haul out her carseat, shove paper between the cushions and pull the seat forward until I could get the piece of gum out.
Thankfully it didn't stick to anything!
I hear "Oopsie" way too often! lol
Schoolwork has been silly lately. ;-)
I was checking Shiloh's schoolwork and I noticed that her "u" in "Tuesday" looked more like an "o".
So I remarked that I didn't know it was "Toes-day". Are we supposed to paint our toes?
Wear funky socks? How do we celebrate Toesday?
So now any time they make a silly mistake in their schoolwork we say it must be "Toesday". ;-)
Like when Vivian misspells her name.
Sometimes she gets carried away with the "V-I's" in her name...and it becomes VIVIVIAN.
Though lately her mistake has been reversing the A and N in her name...then she becomes Vivina, and we know it has snuck up on us, it's Toesday.
Toesday affects me too. lol
Shiloh will say something like "Mom, I'm going to tell you what 12 + 12 is!"
Me: "24!!"
Shiloh: "MOM! I'm supposed to tell you!"
Me: "Oops, sorry. Okay you tell me it's 24."
Shiloh giggling: "Mom!"
Me: "Okay now I'm ready. You tell me what 24, er what was the question?"
By that point we're laughing too hard anyways...but it's sad because I was really confused.
Poor kids.

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