Monday, December 17, 2012

Like Daughter, like Father

Remember when I mentioned that Shiloh was a bit like "Dennis the Menace" in the way things happen around her?
Well, her Daddy super glued my hand this morning.
I'm not sure how Vivian and I get through each day in one piece, sometimes. ;-)
The girls found a broken pair of Barbie sunglasses this morning.
DH volunteered to glue them together and (unknown to me) he did so on top of the Sunday newspaper, upon which he dripped lots of super glue. See where this is going?
Then I started to read the paper, at least until my fingers stuck together.
I've washed my hands and done a lot of dishes and you can still see the glue on my hands, but at least I'm not sticking to things any more.
Some days....
Not to be upstaged, Shiloh then tripped over Rory's bin tipping the whole thing completely over.
Thankfully the lid stayed on and Rory is fine and so is Shiloh.
We've had the bin in the corner of the dining room for about a month now. It sets on/near a heating vent to keep Rory warmer. She's older now and we noticed she wasn't handling colder temperatures very well so we moved her there.
I guess if she can handle Hurricane Shiloh though, she'll stick around a bit longer. ;-)
Spent a long time making a meat pie this now I'm going to enjoy it.:)
And hopefully tackle some gift wrapping later.
Just need to keep DH and Shiloh away from the ribbon and scissors!

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