Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'Twas the night before...

The stockings are stuffed and the presents wrapped and under the tree.
The girls are bathed and sleeping peacefully in their beds.
I'm actually surprised at how quickly they fell asleep, it seems like it used to take me forever to fall asleep on Christmas eve. :)
We had a few people drop off presents throughout the day so I tucked those around the tree.
Then I asked the girls if they thought there were enough gifts under the tree.
Vivian was happy but Shiloh said "I think we need just one more present."
"For who?"
"For Vivian.....um, and for me."
"So I need to run out to the store and get one more present?"
"Daddy can watch us and you can go to the store."
Vivian piped up "But what if I wake up and you're not here!"
Shiloh: "Maybe you can send Dada instead."
"Shi, it's really cold outside. Do you really need one more present?"
"Well, I really love presents."
Apparently, she quickly forgot all the stuff I bought for Christmas.
I had both girls with me while I was shopping and I was a little worried about them losing the surprise part of Christmas morning....No worries there. :)
Merry Christmas!

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