Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy December!
We had snow, a lot of snow, but it's mostly all melted now.
Which is fine with me! :)

We've done a lot of Christmas shopping, which is thankfully all done now.
I had to run to Walmart yesterday, traffic was bad and the store was crowded.
Parking was surprisingly easy and I was also surprised that the other shoppers I came in contact with were in a good mood.
Nearly everyone reeked of cigarette smoke though, which I don't know if that is what helped their mood...I just know I could follow anyone too closely and breathe. *cough*cough*
Personally, my mood sours without oxygen, but to each his own.

I took the girls out to look at Christmas lights. We didn't get a chance to do it on Daddy's day off, and then on Saturday it was way too foggy. I've never seen such thick fog!
But we made it out on Sunday night. We had to go out late and the girls were already in their pj's...which I think just made them more excited! 

Not a whole lot of lights to see though, definitely less houses decorated than we saw last year. :(

Been busy making Christmas cookies too.
"Snickerdoodle Reindeers" that both girls decorated last night.

"Sugar Cookies" that Shiloh decorated.

"Magic Cookie Bars" these are just for me. Well, I might share...or maybe not. They're just sooo good!

Also made "Buckeyes" and "Cookie Dough Truffles"

I wanted to make more varieties but I think that might be a sugar over-load so I'll wait til these are gone first.
I making a birthday cake for Jesus now.
The girls really wanted one and thought that Jesus would like chocolate cake. :)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas at the Mall

I love the Christmas decorations at the Mall.
 So pretty!

During the week it's still not too bad for crowds yet.
(P.S. Santa is right behind that tree! ;-)

We took the girls to see "Frozen" and there was only a handful of other people there including just two other children.
Took a long time for the movie to start though, people started complaining and the clerk had to find the manager to get the movie going.

I was worried the girls might eat through their movie snacks before we even got to the show!
Good movie though.
Vivi was a bit impatient to see the snowman though, but she tends to be lacking in patience anyways. ;-)

Christmas Outtakes

Getting a good Christmas picture is hard.
In fact it actually seems like it's getting harder!

"Shiloh, the camera is this way!"

"Uh, yeah...right here. That's a keeper."

"Okay, I guess holding candy canes in the shape of a heart is more complicated than it looks..."

"Okay Viv, I'm going for a little less crazy here."

"That goes for you too, Shi."

Um, yeah...so just realize that every time you see a half-decent Christmas photo of children, you are a viewing a small Christmas miracle.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Deck the halls, and doll house, and Aquarium! Falalalalaaa!

We put up our Christmas decorations! :)
Maybe a little early, maybe not.
Our street has been so quiet since we have a couple of empty houses, and those houses are usually decorated for the holidays so if they remain empty it means our street will be lacking in holiday decorations!
So we have to spread cheer for the whole neighborhood. ;)

I love our banister. I've wanted a banister since I was a kid and saw them beautifully decorated in a magazine or movie or something.
Even when it's not Christmas, I often decorate the banister with ivy garland and flowers colored to match the season. 

The girls decorated a mini tree for their Barbies too, and Shi strung some extra garland on the Barbie House. :)
(I loved decorating my doll house for Christmas when I was younger!)

We couldn't leave out decorating the Turtle/Betta tank and Hamster Bin too.

Hmm, and I wonder why decorating the house takes so long, lol.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Squirrels with hammers

I took my truck in for an oil change this week.
I knew it was going to take awhile so I brought a little bag of knitting with me.
I thought I could sit quietly in the corner, undisturbed, and unobserved while I knit.
Apparently knitting is something of an anomaly in an auto repair waiting room.
At least to men...the women that came through mostly ignored me.
The men had a ton of questions though.
"Is that knitting or crochet?"
"How long is that going to take you?"
"How long have you been knitting?"
"What are you making?"
"Are you usually this fast?"

When I told DH, he said "I shouldn't let you go to these places alone."
Oh yes, me in winter coat and a knitting bag....sexy!
Besides it was probably all the exhaust fumes flooding that waiting room, the haze made knitting a totally fascinating thing. ;-)

We were woken up early the other morning by this super-loud hammering, it sounded like it was right in the bedroom wall! I went all through the house bleary-eyed trying to find out what was making all the noise.
Then I crawled back into bed and hit the wall and said "It's squirrels!"
Then every time I heard the "squirrels" I hit the wall.
Finally the noise stopped.
Not until after I had several cups of coffee did I hear the hammering again and realize it was coming from our back neighbors. (Being not so neighborly by hammering so early in the morning!)
But yes, I don't function so well early in the morning before coffee...that time of day when squirrels with hammers makes perfect sense.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Octopus Aloe

 Cactuses like me.
They like being abandoned into the front porch all summer baking in the afternoon heat, and when their soil has turned rock-like, receiving a sudden rush of a "Oops-forgot-about-you-hope-you-don't-die" water bath.
Then I bring them indoors once the nighttime temperatures reach around 40 degrees.

This year when I went to bring in my aloe it was a real feat. This thing has exploded into a giant octopus aloe!
Suddenly it was super-heavy and wouldn't fit anywhere without knocking things over or grabbing at your sleeve as you walked by.
It started out quite small and I wasn't even sure it would live very long, and now it's so massive that I use one of the tentacles...yes, tentacles to hold back my curtains.
Each time a tentacle broke off, I shoved it into the soil...basically because it was easier than walking it over to the trash can.
So now I have baby octopus aloes growing.

I thought a little aloe would be a good thing to have on hand in case of minor burns.
Well, this thing could supply a hospital!

It does hold on to my Christmas tree topper pretty well though.

I found this little gnome the other day and I just could resist him.
I wasn't planning on putting him on my actual Christmas tree anyways just wanted to set him somewhere.

I'm not sure if I made the problem any better...maybe just weirder.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Nature crafts

I've been lousy at posting lately and Vivian is saying the cutest things lately so I really need to keep up with my blogging to lock on to those memories. :)

These photos are from last month but I wanted to share some of our Autumn creations. 
The girls and I went leaf hunting, we are lucky to have both blueberry bushes and a fire bush which produce such brightly colored leaves!
I ironed them between wax paper and hung them in the window and they are so gorgeous when the sun shines through.

Since we had collected and over-abundance of leaves I also had the girls paint some and press them on paper.

The rest went into a bowl on my table...along with a collection of pine cones and seeds, treasures that the girls had gathered.

What do you do when one of your children (Shi Shi) gets a stricken look on their face every time you give any kind of safety talk?
You put a mustache on your smoke alarm.
Vivian ADORED it. 
Shi is still unnerved at the thought of any type of emergency but I think making it a little lighter in tone helps.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fall Crafting

We've had a fun and busy Fall and end of Summer so far!
We've visited three craft shows, a cider mill, and an apple orchard...which was having a Farm Day so we got to see and pet a bunch of farm animals.
We're getting in a whole bunch of field days. :)

At one craft show I saw a growth chart and I thought it was a great idea...except the ones they had were not painted nicely and they were only made on yard sticks which is too small for what I want.
So DH and I made our own. :)
We bought a piece of lumber, DH sanded it down and gave it a couple of coats of white paint.
Then I measured out my marks and added a little decoration (I had tons of ideas for this but I needed to leave space for writing in the girls' height...squashing my creativity!).

I am totally not that good at drawing...I used stamps. ;-)

I bought some small pumpkins when we went to the orchard, then let the girls decorate them.
So cute!
Vivi's is on the Left, Shi's "Pumpnicula" is on the Right.
(Yes, she's been busy reading "Bunnicula" and "Howliday Inn" and so on)

I've been wanting to paint rocks ever since the girls painted rocks in the library program this Summer.
I even went out and found some small pebbles that I liked and washed them off and they have sat in my kitchen for a good month...or so.
I was getting sick of them. I was annoying myself.
Seriously, does everything have to be a craft?
Just dump the stones back in the yard.
Do it!
They've been sitting there F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
On my counter!

Finally I grabbed some nail polish last night and Ta Da!

They were worth the wait, (at least part of me thinks so!) :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Girls will be...

...Wild Horse taming!

...Roller coaster riding!

...Assault on the Castle planning!

...Girls! ;-)

I love their Castle play.
Disney Princesses in the turrets and Elephants and Dinosaurs roaming outside!
Shiloh had her dragon flying around asking Vivian's "So do you want to breathe fire or just fly around for awhile?"
Vivian's knights rushing back into the castle shouting "Call the Princesses! We need lots of bandaids!"


Friday, September 06, 2013

The Circus!

The girls and I had our first visit to a Circus!
The girls also took their first pony rides too. :)
We were the very first ones in the tent and so we were able to snag the best seats!
Then Shi was asked to be a part of the clown act.
She was the first participant chosen so she had to stand in the ring alone while the clown searched the audience for others to join in.
She kept everyone entertained by bouncing in time with the music,  then spinning, and balancing on one foot.
Typical Shiloh. ;-)
Vivian clapped wildly and told me "I know why they picked Shiloh, because she's so talented at hopping and standing on one foot!"
Then Shiloh's part of the act was banging on two pans when the clown pointed at her, and the other participants had other instruments like horns and bells.
She had good comedic timing too, she banged on the pans when the clown started to walk away and everyone roared. :-D
There was a (rescued) dog act and I think that got the most applause from all the kids in the audience.
There were also horses, camels, and alpaca.
We we close enough to smell them!

I thought it was going to be a tiny little circus but it really was quite nice and lasted longer than I expected.
Vivian was pretty tired by the end as it was past her bedtime.
She said "It took a long time for those people to show us all their talents, they had so many talents!" :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

On your mark, get set, Go!

Ready to start another year!

This year we're working on learning the States and their Capitals.
The girls' little chalkboard has worked well for that.
I also made a Master List for the wall.
We check off each State/Capital that they remember with a little mark of their choosing.
Shiloh has chosen little brown hearts, and she's zooming through! In just a week, she's memorized 4 already!
Vivian has chosen little kitty faces and she remembers the Capital of our Home State so she's doing well too! :)

Shiloh has been tackling a lot of work with Number Places.
Putting numbers in their right place, writing out the numbers, locating the number in a certain place etc.
And she has been totally stumped.
I've been explaining and writing it and counting it and it was just not working.
So I made her this Number Places Chart and put it in page protector so she can keep it in her math book. I wrote it counting backwards so she could see that if there are two numbers then you look at the chart and the "2" is under the ten's place, three numbers is the hundred's place and so on.
She says it "helps a little bit"... 
I've looked everywhere and I haven't found anything better yet.
I guess we'll see how it goes...the year is young!

I find it so irritating this time of year, that when I'm out with the girls and people, random people, announce to us "School's starting soon!"
Seriously, This is not a proper greeting, people!
Say "Hello" first. Comment on the weather.
Proper social skills.

Speaking of social skills, Shiloh has started telling everyone to "Have a nice day!" when we're out and about.
I asked her about it and she said "I heard someone tell you that, and I thought that would be a nice thing to say." :)

The day I grabbed a tomato worm...

...with my bare hands! TWICE!

The girls wanted to trim their grass sprouts' "hair" so we went outside, and I started to do my usual pruning and checking of my tomato plants.
First thing I notice that the entire top of one bush is completely eaten down the to the stems.
So I'm looking all over for the culprit(s) and I found tons and tons of caterpillar poo but no caterpillar.
Then I find another, much smaller, bush that has also been eaten down.
I start looking under the bush, looking up to see if anything is hanging under the leaves and I see a leaf with some white spots that look like eggs.
So I grab the leaf to rip it off of the plant and it squishes.
Yup, grabbed right onto a huge tomato worm.
Then we had to go back inside because it started raining, so I start researching the worms.
My garden has been doomed from the start this year.
The worms can strip plants in just hours, they also eat the tomatoes (as evidenced by half a green tomato I found), and basically can kill your tomato plants pretty fast.
Yep. Worst garden year ever!

So I head back outside when the rain lets up to look for any more worms.
I grab a stalk to move it out of the way for a better look and...squish!
Believe it or not, I grabbed another worm!
Apparently that is the only way I can find them...by grabbing them!

I also cleaned the turtle tank and the hamster bin today so it's not like my hands were all manicured and beautiful but still, yuck, especially when you're not expecting it!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Love our Library!

The girls really enjoyed our Library's reading program again this year. :)
They planted grass seeds.
(Trimming their grass "hair")

They painted pet rocks.
(Shi's is the brown creature one, Vivian's is the landscape...with pink bubbles. :)
They received their books for reaching the goal amount of hours spent reading.
Vivian chose a Superman book. ;-)

AND...they even won a raffle basket!
A new Nancy Drew book, and lots of crafts supplies like beads, magnets, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and foam shapes and activities!

We will have some fun times crafting this school year! :)

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

We have a new neighbor.
I wasn't sure why I felt uneasy when I met him.
He actually seems nice enough.
But every time I saw him I thought, I've seen him somewhere...and he's BAD!

It was driving me nuts!
Finally I sat down and really thought about....
Hmm...it's coming to me now,
Criminal Minds.
Ack! That show scares me.
I haven't even watched it in ages.

Yep, there was a killer on the show who looks like my neighbor.
So I had to search until I could find a photo.
(Yay, Finally able to post photos again since I dumped IE!)

Meet my neighbor.
Okay, not really, just an actor playing my neighbor, or playing a killer who is my neighbor, or playing an un-neighborly person.
Something like that.
And my neighbor is older and a bit heavier than this photo.
Apparently it traumatized me against balding older men with thick glasses.
I'm afraid one of these days I might be outside and be startled by my neighbor and let out a horrified scream.
As long as I don't swing my shovel at him or something.
Hmm, yeah that's not a great to say welcome to the neighborhood.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy summer days!

Busy summer days! Yes, that's my excuse for not posting lately... ((Blogger still doesn't have the photo problem fixed either, it keeps crashing my screen when I try))
The girls are enjoying the library's reading program again this year.
The library has added some new features...like raffles, and also added some new programs so it has been fun.
The girls have only done one program so far. It was learning about plants and then actually planting some grass seed.
Shiloh was so outgoing and raising her hand to answer the questions.
She just has a tendency to answer the questions to their fullest.
Plant lady: "Can someone name a part of a plant."
Shiloh: "Stem, Roots, Leaves..."
(um, sorry other kids.)
On the other hand...
1. Shiloh
 2. package of soil
3. indoors
Who thought this was a good idea?
Poor Vivian was the hapless one whose lap received most of the spilled dirt...and whatever didn't spill in her lap filled up her rain boots.
I just hope the library invested in a good shop vac. I should.

The girls and I also spent a few days up at the river being spoiled by their grandparents. :)
Had a lot of fun at the French Festival that going on at the time, and also of course fishing.
Though I think the girls enjoying fishing with little plastic fish tied to their lines more than "real" fishing. Shiloh was quite happy to keeping pulling in her red "Min-u-oh" each time.

DH took some time off this month too.
He did a ton of working around the house and we took the girls to the Zoo, and celebrated our 10th Anniversary!
We happened to go to the Zoo on one of the hottest days we've had this year. But we brought lots of water and sunscreen and bug spray and we're able to enjoy ourselves.
The bug spray didn't prevent some strange black insect from flying into our pasta salad at lunchtime but thankfully we were mostly done with that anyways...

The other day we were at McDonald's and Vivi noticed the "M" on her container so she and Shiloh were thinking of words that began with "M", then they flipped it over so it became a "W" and started to think of words that began with that letter.
Vivian: "Waffles!"
Me: "Yep."
Vivian: "Water!"
Me: "Good one!"
Vivian: "Wuh...Wuh...Wobins!"
Me: "It's Rrrr...Robin."
Vivian: "Wuh...Er...Wobins!"
This is frustrating her, I know. She has a hard time with the "R" sound and while she sounds absolutely adorable, it does make it harder on her with spelling and so on.
So I've had to get a little more creative with some of her lessons.
I made a little spelling game for her and asked Shiloh to play it first and act like it was very fun so that Vivian would be more interested, and not "ugh, more boring spelling work.".
Shiloh is a total hammy over-actor but as she is normally quite exuberant  Vivi didn't notice anything amiss and eagerly jumped on the spelling game.
Thank you, Shiloh! ;-)

Shi is nursing a huge rug burn on her arm now, looks awful!
She was pushing a toy too fast across the floor, and did a total Indy car-crash, face-plant thing into the carpet. Then she brushed herself off, showed me what hurt, went back to playing and did the same exact thing a few minutes later.
Well, the second time really put the rug burn in.
The girls cannot for the life of them remember what the injury is called.
Vivian "Is that called her burn rash?"
Shiloh "No, it's a rug rash."
Vivian "No, I know it's a burn...like a burn cut."
Shiloh "Well, it's sore so maybe it's a burn sore."
Vivian "Mama, is what Shiloh has a burn sore?"

Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy 4th!

Seems like things have been a bit harried lately.
Summer craziness, I guess!
The girls have finished up their schoolwork and we've just been continuing working on certain things that they've struggled with or need to improve. Usually only a few pages of work that, for the most part, I've created for them.
BUT since it's stuff that they've struggled with it's actually been somewhat more demanding on me than their usual work.
Constantly rotating between the two of them...
"Shiloh, you need to carry that number. Not put it in front."
"Vivian, stop guessing the words. You need to sound them out."
"Where did your sister go?"
"Finish writing your sentence first, then we'll look up a picture of the sardine stone."
"Because there's not enough room/time for me to draw any of the following: cookies, cupcakes, lollipops, cats, or ladybugs for you to count Vivi! Sorry but you're stuck with counting circles today."
"Where did your sister go?"
"I can't write the answers down! It's your work!"
"Shi, was that your pencil tip that I just heard snap? again?!"
"Can you read what you wrote? Because I can't"
"Where did your sister go?"
"Who was playing with the blue playdoh I just found stuck to my tush?"
"I think it's break time. Yes, definitely."
"No, you can't have my fudgsicle! You have your own!!"
We been busy painting. It started when we painted our laundry room a light green and we loved it so much that we decided to paint the girls' room next.
Pink! of course...well technically it's called "Sanctuary Rose" but it's pink.
Then we found that Disney makes a sparkle top coat, so we put that over the top.
Very neat stuff. I could glitter my whole house...ooh! ;-)
That was sweaty, exhausting work though.
I put a movie on for the girls and made them up a tray of snacks and they barely noticed that we were busy, then we let them camp out downstairs due to the lingering paint fumes.
So I actually think they might have enjoyed that more that the actual finished room. ha!
I took the girls grocery shopping this week.
I had a big list and the store was super-crowded so I'm really focused on getting my list done when suddenly there is a huge crash just across the freezer bin from me.
I saw a cart flipped, and a whole bunch of people rushing over.
An elderly man had collapsed and he was shaking badly. I'm not sure if he was having a seizure or not but that was my first thought.
I reached for my phone but there were already people on their phones.
So many people rushed to help this man, and at least four shoppers (not employees) stayed with him until the EMT's arrived also.
I found it really touching, how many strangers would rush to help this man. :)

I was upstairs tonight and I hear a crash and Shiloh says her now-trademark "Oopsie!"
Then Vivian says "Oh Shiloh...Mama is going to be bery disappointed. bery disappointed."
Shiloh comes running up the stairs before Vivi can blab the whole story "I'm sorry Mom, but I spilled water all over the fan."
"How in the world? Why were you walking around with your cup?"
"Nooo...I wasn't walking around at all."
Vivian has made it up the stairs and takes over, "I saw it Mama and she wasn't walking. The cup 'dis flipped and flipped just like 'dis and the water went up in the air and went all over the fan."
"It hit the fan...in the living room...from the dining room?"
"Yes, I don't know how Shiloh did it but it flipped like 'dis."
"Okay Viv, It's just water...and actually I can picture this." Lol
Poor Shiloh. ;-)
We got to see some fireworks last weekend since they were shot off near our home, the girls really loved the show.
I did see some last night, but they were much farther off and that was after 10pm and the girls were long asleep by then.
DH did a BBQ the other day too. Despite the intense heat!
Whew! But it was very tasty and nice to not have to heat up the indoors as much cooking.
I hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kids say...

Vivian - "Mama, why have I never seen a cow jump over the moon?
Hmmm? Why? Why Mama, why?"
Signs that your child has been playing too many video games.
Vivian - "I'm not five, I'm four!"
Shiloh - "No Vivian, don't you remember?
You got upgraded to level five, so you're five now."
Vivian - "Oh, I forgot."

Pretty neat to watch them play together.
They had Lalaloopsy's stuck in dungeons (made out of their own little cardboard houses), Prince Handsome (Lalaloopsy character) had to stage a rescue.
Then Prairie Dusty Trails (Lalaloopsy) led a huge round-up of wild horses...which were actually a herd of My Little Ponies.
Then there were all the multi-colored geckos taking a trip to the moon today.
I love their imaginations. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday bike

((For some reason the blog is not letting me load in pictures. I've even been delaying posting but it's still not working so unfortunately, no pics!))
My baby turned five this week!
We had a nice party for her and she's really enjoying being five...such an important birthday to a kiddo! ;-)
She got an unexpected present from her sister this week too.
Shiloh has only been riding a bicycle without training wheels for a couple months.
BUT in that time she has gained a lot of confidence and she zooms everywhere and figured out that going fast and then slamming on the brakes would leave this awesome skid mark on the driveway.
She even had this "Tokyo Drift" maneuver that she'd pull off to go around the truck.
Until this week, when we suddenly heard a loud *pop* while she was riding.
She blew the tire AND the tube. A big hole right through!
I went to replace those and found they were half the cost of a whole new bike. So since Shi had been pretty rough on this bike, and since we were planning on using this bike for Vivian, I ended up getting a whole new bike for Vivian.
She's pretty thrilled although a little nervous on it since it's a little bigger than the previous bike.
Shiloh is allowed to ride it too but no more "Fast and Furious" maneuvers! ;-)
The cutest thing is that the new bike has a little baby doll seat in the back so now every time we go out to ride bikes, Vivian has to grab her baby doll first.
It's the perfect bike for her. :)
Me, on the other hand?
I've been run over sooooo many times this week.
Maybe the training wheels stick out further than old ones or something but Vivi has run up over my heels so many times and there's some metal piece that keeps cutting my ankle in the same spot.
Then today Shiloh was following too closely behind us  and ran over me...twice!
So my legs are all scraped up and bandaged.
At least I have "Hello kitty" bandaids to make me feel better. :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

You don't know me, but hey, can I hug your toilet paper?

It's been a busy, busy week!
Thankfully the rain has finally let up, but we got soaked a few times going out the past couple days.
Today the weather was just teasing us, every time we went outside it started sprinkling!
We come back indoors and the sun comes out!
Do you know what this bug is? I've found them all over recently.
The girls found three today and were freaked out so I quickly looked them up and found out they are Ladybug larva! I'm surprised I've never noticed them before...they are quite freaky looking.
Looks like a picture of some alien robot drone on their back!
I guess it's a good year for the ladybugs.
At least better than for my garden, which is in a sad, sad state.
Burned from the heat wave, then froze from our cold nights, and now drowned.
It's not good.
I was going to pick up some more veggie plants this week, but the garden centers don't have a proper roof and they're not fun to shop in the rain.
It was such a downpour the other day. We had stopped at a store and they had samples of dried blueberries in little cups that the girls were snacking on.
Then it rained so hard while we were getting to the truck that it rehydrated the berries. ha!
I took the girls out shopping early in the week and Vivian had to go to the bathroom so I took her out of the cart, then went to get Shiloh out of the cart.
There was a lady with a couple bags who was waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom and she was  standing near me and wearing a similar raincoat.
Vivian got confused and scampered over to this lady and starts squeezing the big pack of toilet paper that the lady is holding.
The lady didn't notice and I called to Vivi, but she was too captivated by the plastic-wrapped squishiness of the toilet paper.
THEN Vivi starts hugging and patting the toilet paper which attracted the attention of the tp-buying woman. Finally Vivian realized her mistake and rushed back over to me all red-cheeked.
It's just so funny when I think about it because Vivian was just so enamored with the toilet paper, of all things!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Finishing up the school year...

Shiloh was watching me scoop up ice cream for her and Vivian.
Shiloh: "Why do I get more ice cream than Vivian?"
Me: "Because she's Lactose Intolerant and too much ice cream will bother her stomach."
Shiloh: "Oh, so I get more ice cream because I'm just Lactose?"
Vivian "Shiloh! Stop shouting! It makes wax in my ears!"
You know how stores sometimes put these annoying poles on the sides of the shopping carts?
Did you realize that sometimes this means the cart won't fit through the door?
Ahem, I didn't.
But in pinch, as in the cart is full of children and groceries, and people are following right behind you...I did discover that you can quickly tip the cart back a bit and maneuver it out the door.
In fact maybe no heard the smack of the pole banging against the door frame as you tried to pull it through in the first place, and maybe they didn't even notice you tipping a cart to get it through the door, and perhaps even maybe the heat of midday hid the embarrassed flush that came to my cheeks.
Yep, maybe.
(Honestly, I was a little peeved. If I'm shopping with a cart, I don't think it's too much to ask that the cart fit through the door! :-P )
Can you tell we have a Kindergartner in our house? ;-)
This is a simple game that I also did for Shi when she was 4.
I wrote a bunch of words on paper and then had Vivian read them (with and without help) and then she had to find something in the house that fit the word and tape it on.
She loved it and Shiloh wants me to make a version of it for her. :)
Vivi hasn't had reading come to her as easily but she's taken to this game more than Shiloh did when Shi was her age.
Vivian is carefully sounding out the words as she sees them through the house, then she even spells them out.
I think we'll be playing the game again soon. :)
I also found it amusing that Shiloh has been having trouble with one of her spelling words "pencil" and it was one of words in the game. So Vivian chose to put the paper into Shiloh's pencil box, so now every time she opens her bag she has the word right there.  ;-D
We're getting to end of the school year and Vivian's work has been super-easy.
A lot of simple review and coloring and she's been done so quickly...even with me adding extra writing and number work for her.
But poor Shiloh, the ending pages of her Language book are just having her write story after story and words that she might hear at a pond or that she'll see in a Zoo etc.etc.
And this type of work is what Shi dreads all year long, so we've had long frustrating days.
Counting down the pages!
Today she was supposed to write words of things that she thought were beautiful, so I started mentioning some things that I thought were beautiful and Shiloh piped up with "birds!"
I said "That's great, do want to write a certain type of bird?"
Next thing she pulls out our bird identification book and starts picking out the birds that she thought were most beautiful.
Actually it took her language work in a whole extra direction as she wrote down "Roseate Spoonbill" and "Ring-necked Pheasant" lol.
Now if we can just a creative way to get through the rest of the pages we might just make it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion never sleeps

"Vivi, go pick out some fresh pajamas, okay?"
"That's a shirt, not a nightgown. You need to pick out shorts or pants to go along with it."

"Yes, you can wear legwarmers if you want...or just get some pants."
"Hmm, that sweater is not for sleeping...Did you get that out of the closet?"
"Your shirt is on backwards, Dear."
"Ah, never mind. My Fashionista."

BTW: Her fever finally went away. yay!

Why I buy boy shorts for my girls

These are two pairs of children's shorts.Both are the same size.
Both are from the same company.
Both are for a 5 year old child.
The only difference is that one is made for a girl and one is made for a boy.
Any guesses which is for which?
I went out the other day shopping for shorts for the girls and store after store, I only found too-short shorts in the girls' departments.
If I'm lucky I can find Capri's but not this time.
So finally I had a light bulb moment and went over to the boys' department and right away I found shorts at a decent length and basic colors.
Paired with a pretty top and no one is the wiser.
I was just disgusted with the difference. There should not be such a difference for such a young child.
Not only for modesty's sake, though I definitely think girls should be more covered and not less, but also for playing.
Girls want to play on the playground and not burn their tushes on the slides.
They fall and need more clothing protection just like boys.
They walk through bushes and climb trees and need protection from the rough bark and branches.
They need covering to protect them from sunburn.
They want to sit on the concrete driveway and color with chalk and not have their bare bottoms be on the dirt or scrape up their knees.
Ugh, just let them be kids.
Okay, off my soap box. But watch out, I might climb right back on! ;-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Flowers and fevers

We visited a BJ's store last week. The girls had never been in one before and Shiloh was nervous about the high aisles. She thought something might fall on her.(Hmm, she gets that from her Mama)
Vivian has come down with a fever. I braided back her bangs this morning so I could keep a cool cloth on her head.
She looked too precious!
Hopefully her fever will break soon, it reached 104 this afternoon which is too high for me!
I took the girls for a walk yesterday and there was a little field where the girls loved picking dandelions (or dandies as Shi calls them).
They needed one "vase" each...plus one for some wild purple flowers that they found.
I just love how the girls dress up everything...
Even my garage floor is decorated in pink chalk flowers. :)