Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The princesses' float

Our study of the Presidents is going very well. :)
It's not part of the girls' curriculum so I've been mostly using the Internet as a resource.
I found some great sites and Youtube also has informative cartoons for kids, Disney even made some!
The girls have really enjoyed them and usually ask to watch them a couple of times.
Vivian is doing better with her reading.
I had stopped her reading work and started her back at the beginning because she was struggling.
But this time around she is starting to understand the long sounds better.
She's not very eager to read yet but we're getting there.
She now loves to go through her word lists now and mark all the vowels.
She's over-zealous with her marks though, crossing out consonants and underlining random letters but we're working on it... ;-)
I have a dry-erase board on my fridge and I tend to jot down my shopping list there.
Well, Shiloh kept telling me of groceries that she didn't want me to forget to buy so I finally pulled the board down to her level. Now I have her write down what she wants and also I've been asking her to write down things for me.
It's been great for her to practice her spelling, and I don't hear "Mom, did make sure you wrote strawberries on the list?" several times a day! :)
After their bath tonight Vivian was dressing and saying "Hey, little sister. Hey, little sister."
Then she asked me "Mom, how does that song Hey, Little Sister go?"
"I'm not sure what song you're talking about?"
Shiloh piped up "She means Soul Sister."
Soul Sister by Train. lol.
Now I can't help but sing it Hey, Little Sister!
I took the girls shopping at Target today and we always end up with the ginormous kid cart.
One cashier was smiling at Shiloh and waved so Shiloh waved back and was smiling and giggling so then another random lady started waving at the girls.
By the time we were leaving the store, the girls were waving at everyone like they had just won a beauty pageant and the cart was their parade float. lol
No wonder they love Target. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tell me a yarn...

Okay, apparently the pictures not loading is a Blogger issue.
But I was able to load them in one-by-one through html.
I've seen a bowl of yarn as a decorating item before and it never made much sense to me.
I mean, I'm not going to knit out of a bowl it's not too practical.
But I had my beautiful Mikasa bowl that was holding ornaments for Christmas and I didn't want to put it away so I had to find something else to put into it.
Ta da! My bowl of yarn.
The girls love it!
They pick out their favorite colors and stuffed animals take naps there.
Our only "incident" involved Shiloh's stuffed kitten being too rambunctious and then yarn balls were unraveling and rolling everywhere.
I knitted some fingerless gloves for myself.
One strand of gray, one strand of white and so warm!
While I mainly knit them so that I could have warm hands while buckling Vivian into her carseat and driving, I must say that I love wearing them just while I'm online.
My "mouse" hand gets cold sometimes!
 I was busy organizing the school stuff yesterday.
Half-way through the school year and things start getting messy and less organized.
Then this morning I made a chart of all of our US Presidents...all 44!
I've added lots of little interesting facts like which President was the first born in America, and which one had 15 children, and which one was the shortest and so on.
I think we'll try to research one per day and add more facts as we read about them.
I love popsicle sticks.
I'm always finding a use for making a raft for the turtles.
It was a pain because I didn't want to glue it and have that be dangerous for the turtle, so I stuck to tying them together with tight threads.
But...the turtles do like it!
BTW: It will float but they prefer it to be more like a ramp.

Catching up!

I'm finally feeling better. Woot!
I am in catching up mode now since I wasn't able to function well at all with my cold.
I even messed up my chili!
To celebrate, I attempted to make Molten Lava cakes for the first time.
I failed.
I would have been kicked off of Master Chef as I ended up with Molten pudding instead.
Tasty, but not what I wanted or intended...maybe I needed a few more days to get back in the groove of things.

Vivian has been into Taylor Swift songs lately.
I think it has something to do with the fact that she's big into repeating things lately...and so is Taylor Swift in her songs.
Vivi was even singing one of the songs while we we were shopping, but she doesn't add any tune really so it's more a statement of the words.
"Wee Eee, Nevah, Evah, Getting Back Together.
You talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to your friends, talk to my friends."
Wee Eee, Nevah, Evah, Getting Back Together."
And Repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

I have a bunch of pictures I wanted to put on here but either Blogger or my laptop is preventing them from loading. I've got to work on it...maybe I'll have to load them elsewhere and transfer them.
I'm not sure what the problem is...

I ran out to the grocery store this morning.
On one hand it was nice to have the store be pretty empty and get right to the registers.
On the other was freezing!!
My hands were stiffening up when I was trying to put groceries into my truck and then they don't work well and you start to drop things.
And tomorrow's supposed to be worse!


Monday, January 14, 2013

It's just...a little brush

I caught a cold just before Christmas...and it lingered and lingered.
I finally thought I had gotten rid of it, and then I caught another cold.
This one comes with some awful coughing!
I mean cross-your-legs, eye watering, nose running, afraid-you-are-going-to-throw-up coughing!
It's awful!!!
I took Nyquil last night which is always my hero with a cold.
Not this time. :(
I took it before bed and I was still coughing badly...well, now with the added bonus that I was super-drowsy and still coughing.
So around 2am (yep, still awake and coughing) I took another cough syrup and then I was finally able to get a little sleep.
This afternoon after drinking several gallons of coffee and the girls had finished their schoolwork, I was feeling pretty good.
I knew that the upstairs bathroom needed a good cleaning and decided to tackle that.
Just have to say that plain vinegar is just amazing at cleaning!
Plus if you have a cold, it really doesn't smell all that bad, ha!
Shiloh was busy playing a typing game but Vivian sat with me and chatted.
She wasn't really helpful but she did keep me company.
I washed and scrubbed and coughed and sprayed and coughed and scrubbed some more.
I even took apart our complicated drain stopper to clean...but lets keep that on the down low since I'm pretty sure I didn't manage to get it put together properly. Shhh!
Then I decide to tackle the jets on the tub, they really are a pain to clean.
So I'm scrubbing away at jets and filters with a toothbrush and then I notice the toothbrush is really lousy, it's not working at fact, I realize it's not my cleaning toothbrush at all!
I had grabbed DH's toothbrush on accident!
I am sleep-deprived and very sick...*cough*.
I shouldn't be cleaning in this state, which is now rather obvious.
DH called me a few minutes later.
Me: "Hi Dear, do you have another toothbrush?"DH: "What did you do to my toothbrush?!"
Me: "Um, I'm cleaning the bathroom and I accidentally used your toothbrush to scrub the tub."DH: "Well, at least you're honest..."
Me: "What?! You think I would give you a gross toothbrush?!"
DH: "I probably would just think "Man, I need to go to the Dentist! My teeth are bad!"
Thankfully we have some extra toothbrushes on hand so I didn't have to run to the store.
I probably shouldn't be driving either in this state.
I was trying to cut out paper hearts for decorating the house, and bunch of them looked more like the shape of an actual heart, than a pretty heart shape. maybe I can use them to decorate for Valentine's and Halloween?
Sitting the couch with a laptop and a cup of tea is probably the right activity for me right now, and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and be better-functioning tomorrow!

Friday, January 11, 2013

This week...

This past week I was busy....
Teaching the three R's plus a whole lot more.
Making (and eating) Chocolate Peanut butter brownies. yum! Oddly enough the girls aren't really fans of it. They like their brownies just chocolate.
Cutting out Princess ornaments from our Advent Calender, and finding out the inside plastic was actually a princess chocolate mold. (so I'm saving that...for what, I'm not quite certain!).
Finding paper floating in the reservoir of our new coffee maker...apparently we missed removing some little manual. blah!
Stitching up a rip in a beloved Pillow Pet, and searching for lost stuffed kittens...and flamingos.
Loving listening to the girls sing in the bathtub, they went from Old McDonald to singing Taylor Swift songs, then on to The Farmer in the Dell. :)
Playing Barbies. :)
Knitting an ensembles for Vivian's Snow White doll, she keeps coming up with new garments that she wants but hopefully she's satisfied now because I want to knit gloves for myself now and
I think Snow White is pretty well taken care of.
New hat, scarf, poncho, and long socks...all made so that Vivian can hopefully dress her easily by herself.
Prince Charming better watch out. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Happy New Year 2013!!!
Hoping the New Year is a wonderful one for my family and yours. :)

We all had colds after Christmas.
Vivi's knocked her right out...even right in the middle of playing.
But thankfully it didn't seem to last too long...
...unlike mine which is lingering and lingering. :-p

I started doing the knitting for Shiloh's doll.
A hat, scarf, and booties. :)
I was going to start sewing next but Vivian brought me her Snow White doll and wants some knitting done for her so I'm going to work on that first.
Trying to keep everything even! ;-)

My fashion-forward girl on New Year's Day. :)
She is definitely girly. She loves necklaces and has lately been wearing no less than three...
She's not ready to come downstairs in the morning until she has a spritz of perfume...and sometimes one for her stuffed animal of moment.
She likes to match her accessories, but sometimes it's hard to see as she pulls the matching color from unusual places, like her socks.
And her book-loving sister who studied to learn to spell "chocolate", I think only so she could write "I love chocolate - Chocolate is yummy - I want chocolate" as journal entries for her writing work. lol
 She asked me to spell "graceful" for her the other day. I asked why and she said that her schoolwork wanted her to fill in the blank in the sentence "I am_____"
Shiloh said "I think I am graceful, but I don't know what that means."
I explained and she didn't use the word.
I think she went with "kissy" instead.
She certainly is generous with her kisses. ;-)
I decorated for Valentine's today!
Yes, I'm early but "decorating" is a strong word since I really just pulled out a heart vase and a Valentine's tablecloth that has been in my cupboard for a couple years since I keep forgetting about it til the holiday is past.
It was really, put it out now or forget it again for another year!
I also put up the thermal curtains in my dining room. Not really holiday decorating but a January/February necessity!
They're saying -13 with the wind chill tomorrow. Eek!