Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Happy New Year 2013!!!
Hoping the New Year is a wonderful one for my family and yours. :)

We all had colds after Christmas.
Vivi's knocked her right out...even right in the middle of playing.
But thankfully it didn't seem to last too long...
...unlike mine which is lingering and lingering. :-p

I started doing the knitting for Shiloh's doll.
A hat, scarf, and booties. :)
I was going to start sewing next but Vivian brought me her Snow White doll and wants some knitting done for her so I'm going to work on that first.
Trying to keep everything even! ;-)

My fashion-forward girl on New Year's Day. :)
She is definitely girly. She loves necklaces and has lately been wearing no less than three...
She's not ready to come downstairs in the morning until she has a spritz of perfume...and sometimes one for her stuffed animal of moment.
She likes to match her accessories, but sometimes it's hard to see as she pulls the matching color from unusual places, like her socks.
And her book-loving sister who studied to learn to spell "chocolate", I think only so she could write "I love chocolate - Chocolate is yummy - I want chocolate" as journal entries for her writing work. lol
 She asked me to spell "graceful" for her the other day. I asked why and she said that her schoolwork wanted her to fill in the blank in the sentence "I am_____"
Shiloh said "I think I am graceful, but I don't know what that means."
I explained and she didn't use the word.
I think she went with "kissy" instead.
She certainly is generous with her kisses. ;-)
I decorated for Valentine's today!
Yes, I'm early but "decorating" is a strong word since I really just pulled out a heart vase and a Valentine's tablecloth that has been in my cupboard for a couple years since I keep forgetting about it til the holiday is past.
It was really, put it out now or forget it again for another year!
I also put up the thermal curtains in my dining room. Not really holiday decorating but a January/February necessity!
They're saying -13 with the wind chill tomorrow. Eek!

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