Monday, January 14, 2013

It's just...a little brush

I caught a cold just before Christmas...and it lingered and lingered.
I finally thought I had gotten rid of it, and then I caught another cold.
This one comes with some awful coughing!
I mean cross-your-legs, eye watering, nose running, afraid-you-are-going-to-throw-up coughing!
It's awful!!!
I took Nyquil last night which is always my hero with a cold.
Not this time. :(
I took it before bed and I was still coughing badly...well, now with the added bonus that I was super-drowsy and still coughing.
So around 2am (yep, still awake and coughing) I took another cough syrup and then I was finally able to get a little sleep.
This afternoon after drinking several gallons of coffee and the girls had finished their schoolwork, I was feeling pretty good.
I knew that the upstairs bathroom needed a good cleaning and decided to tackle that.
Just have to say that plain vinegar is just amazing at cleaning!
Plus if you have a cold, it really doesn't smell all that bad, ha!
Shiloh was busy playing a typing game but Vivian sat with me and chatted.
She wasn't really helpful but she did keep me company.
I washed and scrubbed and coughed and sprayed and coughed and scrubbed some more.
I even took apart our complicated drain stopper to clean...but lets keep that on the down low since I'm pretty sure I didn't manage to get it put together properly. Shhh!
Then I decide to tackle the jets on the tub, they really are a pain to clean.
So I'm scrubbing away at jets and filters with a toothbrush and then I notice the toothbrush is really lousy, it's not working at fact, I realize it's not my cleaning toothbrush at all!
I had grabbed DH's toothbrush on accident!
I am sleep-deprived and very sick...*cough*.
I shouldn't be cleaning in this state, which is now rather obvious.
DH called me a few minutes later.
Me: "Hi Dear, do you have another toothbrush?"DH: "What did you do to my toothbrush?!"
Me: "Um, I'm cleaning the bathroom and I accidentally used your toothbrush to scrub the tub."DH: "Well, at least you're honest..."
Me: "What?! You think I would give you a gross toothbrush?!"
DH: "I probably would just think "Man, I need to go to the Dentist! My teeth are bad!"
Thankfully we have some extra toothbrushes on hand so I didn't have to run to the store.
I probably shouldn't be driving either in this state.
I was trying to cut out paper hearts for decorating the house, and bunch of them looked more like the shape of an actual heart, than a pretty heart shape. maybe I can use them to decorate for Valentine's and Halloween?
Sitting the couch with a laptop and a cup of tea is probably the right activity for me right now, and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and be better-functioning tomorrow!

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